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Everything We Got WRONG About the 2024 NASCAR Schedule

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While the Daily Downforce does not make predictions, we do like to explore what other people are speculating regarding hot topics in the world of NASCAR. We explored each and every rumor regarding the 2024 schedule, but which ones did we get wrong?

Daytona In September: WRONG

A screenshot online highlighted that Daytona International Speedway could be shifting on the 2024 calendar all the way to late September, but, that proved to be false. However, there is still a superspeedway-style race being added to the Playoffs in September with Atlanta opening the Playoffs. Even though Daytona getting moved was not true, Atlanta getting moved has a similar effect on the schedule.

Darlington Regular Season Finale and 2 NEW Playoff Venues: RIGHT

In the days leading up to the 2024 schedule release, Bob Pockrass said that there could be two new venues in the 2024 Playoffs as Darlington moved out of the Playoffs to the regular season finale. This ended up happening as Atlanta and Watkins Glen were added to the 2024 Playoffs and Texas Motor Speedway was also dropped. This is one of the more controversial changes to the 2024 schedule as many are not sure they like Atlanta opening the Playoffs and the Playoffs, in general, having two road courses and two superspeedways.

Montreal Coming to the Calendar: WRONG

For most of the summer, fans anticipated that NASCAR would take the Cup Series outside of the United States for the first time, but, that has not happened. The specific reasons are unknown, but it seemed that NASCAR was pretty deep in discussions with Montreal about hosting a race. Now, Montreal may come onto the schedule sometime in the future, but, those dreams will have to wait for at least a year.

North Wilkesboro All-Star Race: RIGHT

There was some speculation that North Wilkesboro could be a points race in 2024, and there was also some speculation that a new venue could host the All-Star Race in 2024. However, North Wilkesboro received more funding in the days leading up to the 2024 schedule release, and the announcement of Bristol Dirt leaving all but confirmed that North Wilkesboro would return. From the beginning, the All-Star Race was always an option in everyone’s mind, and it will be interesting to see how they run the race this year.

Doubleheader: WRONG

The 2024 schedule ends one week later than the 2023 schedule because of the two-week Olympic break. One way NASCAR considered counteracting that was by running a Cup Series doubleheader, but, they ultimately decided against that. It made sense as the mid-week races during the pandemic did not pull in great TV ratings, so, keeping all races on the weekends would make for better ratings.

Texas To the Spring: RIGHT

Nathan Brown of IndyStar first reported that Texas Motor Speedway could be moving to the spring, and it ended up happening. Texas Motor Speedway hosted at least one spring points race every year from its’ opening in 1997 until the pandemic stopped that tradition in 2020. It does take Texas out of the heat of September, but it also puts it very close to COTA on the schedule, which not everyone is a fan of.

Iowa Coming to the Calendar: RIGHT

This seemed like a pipedream just a couple of weeks ago. Many fans loved the idea of Iowa, but, it seemed that Montreal would be a more attractive TV market for NASCAR. Since Montreal did not work out, Iowa coming to the calendar became the next best thing. It is a great thing for the loyal fans of Iowa Speedway, and NASCAR fans are generally excited about this move.

Bristol Dirt, or Dirt in General Coming Back: WRONG

Bristol Motor Speedway announced during the night race weekend in September that dirt racing would not return to the venue in 2024, but that did not stop us from theorizing about where else NASCAR could go. Well, NASCAR decided to nix dirt racing at least for now on the 2024 schedule. Maybe it will come back, but maybe it will not. Regardless, it’s safe to say that Bristol Dirt was not universally liked.

Brickyard 400 Returning: RIGHT

This has been rumored seemingly ever since NASCAR at the Indy Road Course became a thing. The Road Course was a worthwhile experiment, but it just is not the same as running at the Indianapolis Oval. The question for many is whether or not the racing product will be good with the Next-Gen car.

The 2024 schedule left us with many surprises, and not every rumor we heard turned out to be true. Regardless, the theories for 2025 will continue to fly throughout the upcoming 2024 schedule.

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