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a force, produced by a combination of air resistance and gravity, that acts on a moving vehicle, having the effect of pressing it down toward the ground and giving it increased stability.

The Daily Downforce

/ˈdālē/ /ˈdounfôrs/


  1. a digital platform, produced by a combination of news writers and content creators, that engages with NASCAR fans, having the effect of keeping them informed by providing them with multiple viewpoints of the same topic. We keep our presentation of the news grounded in the facts and based upon view points and perspectives shared by others.
Picture of Cody Williams

Cody Williams

Published author covering NASCAR races from outside Bristol, TN.

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Picture of Dale Tanhardt

Dale Tanhardt

The Greatest NASCAR Bettor in the History of the Universe. +113U between Cup, Xfinity, and Trucks since 2021.

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Picture of Evan Liu

Evan Liu

Social media manager and recent college graduate who calls Colorado home.

Picture of Greg Matherne

Greg Matherne

Garage Guys NASCAR Titan Greg Matherne has been making "Vegas hate him" since 2021 with data driven betting analysis. 2022 Cup Season: +119.6 units.

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Picture of John Rizzo

John Rizzo

NC State graduate and content creator for The Daily Downforce.

Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

Recent college graduate who hails from Northwest Indiana.

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Picture of Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith, a lifelong NASCAR fan and Content Creator at Dogleg Media on YouTube. He specializes in NASCAR history and stats.

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Picture of Paige Martin

Paige Martin

A Nashville, TN, native who is happiest when she is at a racetrack.