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Denny Hamlin Says NASCAR Will Return To Indy Oval In 2024

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Cody Williams

Cody Williams is the author of BUNNY BOY and THE FIFTH LINE. He lives near Bristol, TN.
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After months of begging for NASCAR to return to the oval, the NASCAR vet says that it's actually happening

What’s Happening?

During a short chat with the media, Denny Hamlin seemed rather confident in saying, without much stutter, that NASCAR will return to the Indianapolis oval for the 2024 season, claiming that the famed (or infamous, depending on perspective) Brickyard 400 will make its triumphant return.

He describes the 400 mile race at the facility as a “major”, more specifically the 4th major on the schedule and a crown jewel. He says that returning to the oval is “a must.”

You Need To Know:

  • Full transparency, Denny Hamlin has long been a supporter of returning to the Indy oval, often downplaying the kind of racing seen on the road course configuration after the issues he’s had there since NASCAR made the change to the less prestigious track for the 2021 season. Whether or not Denny has had a glimpse at the unreleased NASCAR schedule is unknown. However, it is important to point out the fact here than any draft of the schedule that exists has not yet been made public.
  • NASCAR switched from the Indy oval to the road course configuration in 2021 due to certain complaints drivers and fans alike had about the race. The Brickyard 400 had been losing its steam ever since the 2008 Goodyear tire debacle, and it had only declined in popularity along with most intermediate tracks. With the NextGen car drastically improving the style of racing we’ve seen on those tracks, Denny Hamlin has been the loudest advocate in the garage for returning to the famed Brickyard configuration beginning in 2024.
  • NASCAR fans are split on this rumor, many remembering the jaded past of the Brickyard 400 in its final years. Others, however, recognize it as the fourth crown jewel on the NASCAR Cup Series schedule behind the Daytona 500, the Coke 600, and the Southern 500.

Only time will tell if Denny Hamlin’s prediction turns out to be correct.

The Main Characters

Denny Hamlin has long been an advocate for the return to the Indy oval. He describes it as “a must” and claims it to be NASCAR’s 4th biggest race just because of the historic venue in which it takes place. He also believes that the NextGen car could improve the racing there has it did with Pocono and Auto Club. In this video, though, he spends a lot of time talking about what he thinks should be happening rather than confirming anything or reporting what is already confirmed by NASCAR.

Whether or not Roger Penske would like to see NASCAR return to the Brickyard proper is unknown. No doubt, he will have a say in it as he is the new(ish) track owner of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and he’s largely responsible for the NASCAR/INDYCAR double-header weekend on the road course we’ve seen the last couple of years.

In The Stands

Randy Ridgway says that even though the racing at Daytona has been abysmal in recent years, the Daytona 500 is still a big race just because of the event around it. He’s JACKED for the Brickyard 400’s return.

Joseph Rutkowski claims that the Bristol Night Race is actually the 4th major of the year. Hmm…I don’t know about that. I mean, it’s my home track, I love it, but…it doesn’t come close to the Daytona 500, the Coke 600, the Southern 500, or even the Brickyard.

Andy Taylor argues that the Brickyard was NEVER considered a NASCAR crown jewel. Hmm…I think you’re wrong about that, my man.

Joe Annunziata remembers the debacle that was the 2008 Brickyard 400. He argues that NASCAR has finally gotten their speed back, but there’s little-to-no tire falloff. Fair argument.

Tyler Pszczewicz claims that the spring ‘Dega Race is really the 4th crown jewel. At one time, my friend, at one time. But after name and sponsor changes, not to mention the loss of the Winston Million (or something like it), the spring ‘Dega race has lost its identity. No, it isn’t a crown jewel.

Matt Overholser says that I’ll definitely be at Indy WHEN it returns to the oval.

On the Cushion is excited for the rumored return of the Indy Oval.

Michael McNulty says that yeah, the Brickyard 400 was a major, alright…A Major Mistake. Hmm…

Clay Rogers is upset that it might be returning AFTER Kevin Harvick’s retirement. I have to admit, that kind of does suck.

Jeff Benzos14111 says that they’ll buy tickets as soon as NASCAR and the track announce it.

Hmm…and Indy oval test is scheduled? If this is true, that certainly adds some validity to Hamlin’s claims.

Nicholas Carey wants the Brickyard on the 4th of July weekend. We tried it once before, in 2020, but…we all know that was a botched season. I’d be game to give it another go.

What do you think, Daily Downforce readers? Do you want to see NASCAR return to the Brickyard? Is it the fourth major or crown jewel? Are you happy with the road course or would you rather see them take on IRP across town? Let us know!

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Picture of Cody Williams

Cody Williams

Cody Williams is the author of BUNNY BOY and THE FIFTH LINE. He lives near Bristol, TN.
All Posts