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The Whole Story: Ross Chastain vs Noah Gragson

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After an eventful AdventHealth 400 at Kansas Speedway, Noah Gragson confronted Ross Chastain on pit road. This was in response to Chastain crowding Gragson off of turn four. Chastain has been at the center of controversy after multiple on-track incidents that have angered many of his competitors.

The Incident + The Aftermath

NASCAR had a behind-the-scenes view of the incident which included some of the conversation Chastain and Gragson had.

After the two were separated, both said their piece to Fox Sports following the incident. Gragson discussed doing what he feels other competitors have talked about doing, while Chastain talked about standing his ground.

Soon following the Fox Sports interview, Gragson was interviewed on pit road once again. There he mentioned that multiple drivers have been talking about someone needing to confront Chastain, specifically mentioning Chase Elliot.

After cooling down, Chastain spoke to more media members following the race. He noted that this is not the first time Gragson has confronted him about an on-track incident. The two also had an incident at Talladega a few weeks ago.

In the Stands

Just a little bit more.

Joey Logano had a front row seat.

Brad Zimmerman wanted to see the fight go longer than it did.

Anything for good advertising am I right AdventHealth?

What might have happened if officials did not get in the way.

Did Ross hide, or did security make him hide?

When is round 2?

Mark Jr wants NASCAR to let them keep going.

Not much to argue with here.

In response to Chastain saying he gave Gragson a lane.

Sea Jules believes Chastain left him room.

On Your Screen

Erik Estepp shares his thoughts on the incident.

Black Flags Matter finds it funny that Noah Gragson of all guys confronted Chastain.

Darian also believes that NASCAR should have let them go some.

Danny B notes that this was talked about on the NWP earlier this week.

With what has been said in the garage and in the media over the past few weeks, it’s hard to say this is the last time Chastain will be confronted for his on-track actions. Who is going to be next to the pay window against Ross Chastain?

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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