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All Confirmed Dates on the 2025 NASCAR Schedule (So Far)

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What’s Happening?

As the 2024 NASCAR season rolls on, the 2025 NASCAR Cup Series schedule will begin to take shape. It’s one of the most interesting schedule releases in a long time with the introduction of the new media rights deal along with the potential to go international. Bookmark this page to keep track of all of the latest rumors and confirmed dates on the 2025 NASCAR schedule.

  • Per the newest media rights deal, the 2025 NASCAR Cup Series schedule will be 36 points races plus the Clash and the All-Star Race. This brings the total to 38 Cup Series events in 2025, which has remained unchanged since the schedule expanded in 2001.
  • This year, three major questions remain unanswered. First off, will NASCAR go international, what to do with Southern California, and how will the media rights deal affect the schedule?
  • Fans are excited about the 2024 season, but anticipation for 2025 builds and builds as the season goes on. What does the future hold for NASCAR?

Confirmed Dates

These are all of the dates that have been confirmed either by NASCAR or by reporters surrounding NASCAR. This list will grow as the 2025 season rolls on.

Cup Series

  • February 2nd: Clash?
  • February 16th: Daytona 500 (NASCAR announced both Daytona dates on February 26th)
  • February 23rd: TBD
  • March 2nd: TBD
  • March 9th: TBD
  • March 16th: TBD
  • March 23rd: TBD
  • March 30th: TBD
  • April 6th: TBD
  • April 13th: TBD
  • April 20th: Easter (Multiple reports have indicated that NASCAR will not race on Easter)
  • April 27th: TBD
  • May 4th: TBD
  • May 11th: TBD
  • May 18th: All-Star Race at North Wilkesboro Speedway
  • May 25th: Coca-Cola 600 (Amazon’s first race)
  • June 1st: TBD*
  • June 8th: TBD
  • June 15th: TBD
  • June 22nd: TBD
  • June 28th: Atlanta (TNT’s first race AND start of In-Season Tournament)
  • July 6th: Chicago Street Race**
  • July 13th: TBD
  • July 20th: TBD
  • July 27th: TBD***
  • August 3rd: TBD
  • August 10th: TBD
  • August 17th: TBD
  • August 24th: Daytona Summer Race
  • September 1st: Southern 500 at Darlington***
  • September 8th: TBD
  • September 15th: TBD
  • September 22nd: TBD
  • September 29th: TBD
  • October 5th: TBD
  • October 12th: TBD
  • October 19th: TBD
  • October 26th: TBD
  • November 2nd: Season Finale at Phoenix

*World Wide Technology Raceway announced that NASCAR will return in 2025, but no date was confirmed. The date marked is the same weekend as the first three years of this race, so, it seems likely the track could return to this date.

**The Chicago Street Race enters the third year of a three-year contract in 2025, and it is contractually obligated to be held on the first weekend of July.

***Doug Boles told Sirius XM NASCAR Radio that the Cup Series will return to he Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval in 2025, but he did not rule out a return to the road course in the future. He said, “We haven’t announced it yet officially, but we will be back on the oval again next year, which I’m excited about. But, I think you’ll see some sort of roatation, in time, where we rotate between the two, but definitely something special about being on the oval.”

****The Southern 500 is traditionally held on Labor Day Weekend. While not officially confirmed, this date should not change, and this race could once again become the Playoff opener.

Xfinity Series

  • February 15th: TBD
  • February 22nd: TBD
  • March 1st TBD
  • March 8th: TBD
  • March 15th: TBD
  • March 22nd: TBD
  • March 29th: TBD
  • April 5th: TBD
  • April 12th: TBD
  • April 19th: Easter Weekend (Multiple reports have indicated that NASCAR will not race on Easter)
  • April 26th: TBD
  • May 3rd: TBD
  • May 10th: TBD
  • May 17th: TBD
  • May 24th: TBD
  • May 31st: TBD
  • June 7th: TBD
  • June 14th: TBD
  • June 21st: TBD
  • June 27th: TBD
  • July 5th: TBD
  • July 12th: TBD
  • July 19th: TBD
  • July 26th: TBD
  • August 2nd: TBD
  • August 9th: TBD
  • August 16th: TBD
  • August 23rd: TBD
  • August 31st: TBD
  • September 7th: TBD
  • September 14th: TBD
  • September 21st: TBD
  • September 28th: TBD
  • October 4th: TBD
  • October 11th: TBD
  • October 18th: TBD
  • October 25th: TBD
  • November 1st: Season Finale at Phoenix

Truck Series

  • February 14th: TBD
  • February 21st: TBD
  • February 28th: TBD
  • March 7th: TBD
  • March 14th: TBD
  • March 21st: TBD
  • March 28th: TBD
  • April 4th: TBD
  • April 11th: TBD
  • April 18th: Easter Weekend (Multiple reports have indicated that NASCAR will not race on Easter)
  • April 25th: TBD
  • May 2nd: TBD
  • May 9th: TBD
  • May 16th OR 17th: North Wilkesboro*
  • May 23rd: TBD
  • May 30th: TBD
  • June 6th: TBD
  • June 13th: TBD
  • June 20th: TBD
  • June 26th: TBD
  • July 4th: TBD
  • July 11th: TBD
  • July 18th: TBD
  • July 25th: TBD
  • August 1st: TBD
  • August 8th: TBD
  • August 15th: TBD
  • August 22nd: TBD
  • August 30th: TBD
  • September 6th: TBD
  • September 13th: TBD
  • September 20th: TBD
  • September 27th: TBD
  • October 3rd: TBD
  • October 10th: TBD
  • October 17th: TBD
  • October 24th: TBD
  • October 31st: Season Finale at Phoenix

*North Wilkesboro announced the Truck Series would return during All-Star Weekend, but the specific date was not announced. Assumedly, it will be a Saturday show once again.


MAJOR 2025 Schedule Update

Jordan Bianchi of The Athletic published an article on the 2025 NASCAR Cup Series schedule. In it, he discussed all of the hottest rumors on the 2025 schedule. Here are the highlights of what Bianchi had to say, for all the details, check out the article above.

  • International Racing: NASCAR is likely to race in Mexico during the regular season, but, Canada is “50-50” at best for now.
  • The Clash: Bianchi says The Clash will not return to the LA Coliseum, and the current favorite is an unlikely one, Bowman-Gray Stadium
  • Richmond Loses a Date: To make room for Mexico on the 2025 schedule, the most likely track to lose a date is currently Richmond.
  • Southern California: Despite Steve Phelps verbally committing to a race in Southern California earlier this season, Bianchi reports that a race in Southern California in 2025 is “Unlikely”.
  • All-Star Race: Bianchi reports that North Wilkesboro will retain the All-Star Race
  • Championship Venue: Bianchi reports that NASCAR will return to Phoenix Raceway for the 2025 Championship race, but, beyond that, Homestead-Miami is reportedly lobbying to get the finale back in 2026.
  • NO Racing on Easter Sunday: Bianchi reports that NASCAR will not race on Easter Sunday in 2025, unlike what NASCAR has done in recent years. Bob Pockrass also claims this is the most likely move to accommodate Amazon’s first NASCAR race being the Coca-Cola 600.
  • Regular Season Finale Back at Daytona: With the 2024 schedule having a two-week break for the Olympics, NASCAR moved the regular season finale back one week. This changed the Regular Season Finale date, but, NASCAR seems keen on changing the venue back for 2025.

COTA Should Return

There was some minor speculation amongst a few about the future. of NASCAR at COTA. Marcus Smith address that speculation over the weekend saying to Kevin Lyttle of Austin American-Statesman that SMI and NASCAR are “Planning” on returning to COTA in 2025. That was seemingly confirmed the following month as COTA is now taking renewals for NASCAR’s return in 2025.

Leaving the Roval?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. suggested on a recent episode of the Dale Jr Download that he believes Marcus Smith could drop the Roval. Many fans would love this change, as it would add another intermediate track to the 2025 schedule if they go back to the Charlotte Oval. However, Charlotte also announced some changes to the Roval for 2024, and it would be strange to move on from the Roval before seeing a race on the new configuration.

MAJOR Playoff Changes

Jordan Bianchi of The Athletic reported on “The Teardown” podcast following the New Hampshire race that three tracks will move out of the Playoffs in 2025 in favor of new ones. Atlanta (Already announced), Homestead-Miami, and Watkins Glen will move out of the Playoffs in favor of Darlington, New Hampshire, and Gateway.

Keep this page bookmarked for the latest 2025 schedule rumors and confirmations.

North Carolina Moonshine and Motorsports Trail

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