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Dale Tanhardt specializes in Creative NASCAR Content through Betting and Picks, iRacing, NASCAR Short Video’s, and more. If you’re seeking high-level entertainment in the motorsports realm, look no further!

From ‘DALESCENTER’ NASCAR Betting Live Streams  to ‘Tanhardt Tuesday’ Instagram Reels, there is no content creator in the NASCAR world more diverse than Dale! Follow along for a remarkable variety of entertaining, insightful, and comedic NASCAR content.

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Dale Tanhardt

Dale Tanhardt

Welcome to NASCAR Greatness. This is Dale Tanhardt–the Greatest NASCAR Bettor in the History of the Universe, a Multi-Time Grand National World Champion iRacer, and an Unprofessionally Professional NASCAR Enjoyer. Born in the Undisputed Heart of America (Hattiesburg, MS), I create content in the motorsports realm in a variety of fields. NASCAR takes priority as the sport is my greatest passion in life, and I work relentlessly to electrify the sport of NASCAR for current, new, and potential race fans far and wide. Enjoy the content!