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The BEST NASCAR Items for Camping

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What’s Happening?

Camping at a NASCAR race is one of the most unique and exciting ways to enjoy time at a track. Instead of just visiting the track for a day or a few times during a weekend, fans can stay at the race track for an entire weekend. There are plenty of great items to bring for a NASCAR camping trip, and these are the best.

  • These different items can be a big help to a camping experience. Whether it’s just aesthetics to show off NASCAR fandom or practical items for the camper.
  • Camping at a race always makes for a fun experience. It’s a way to take in the race from a different perspective, and it’s perhaps the most unique camping spot anyone could have.
  • Many fans enjoy camping, and many make a tradition out of camping at a race track. These items are at many veteran fan campers campsites.


Mats are typically used just outside of the camper on a campsite. Putting something like this under a table allows fans to walk outside and relax without having to walk on the grass, dirt, or gravel campsite. It can help keep the camper and campsite itself more clean as a result. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, an awning above a camper might save the mat from getting too wet.

A mat also serves to mark a campsite. Some tracks have first come, first served sites at certain campgrounds, so, putting a mat down can help mark where the campsite is so that fans can save it.

Cornhole Boards

Playing fun lawn games is an ideal way to pass the time while waiting for a race to start. Cornhole, or bags depending on what you grew up calling it, is maybe the most popular lawn game that anyone can get. Playing a game of cornhole can also bring fans from different campsites together if multiple people are interested.

The important thing with cornhole is to make sure fans are staying in their designated campsite. Don’t throw the bags around at other sites potentially annoying other campers.


One of the most iconic camera shots of any NASCAR race is the fluttering flags above the campers on race morning. It’s a great way for fans to show who their favorite NASCAR drivers are, or what tracks they have been to.

Obviously, it’s vital to have a big enough flagpole to carry multiple flags if that does happen. It’s also important to take the flags down if it gets too windy so the flags do not rip.

Cardboard Cutouts

Another way to showcase NASCAR fandom is cardboard cutouts of drivers. While these are not as flashy as big flags that can be seen all the way around the track, a cardboard cutout lets nearby fans know who the favorite driver is. Again, it’s a great way to express fandom.

This can be featured or displayed around a NASCAR fan’s house as well. If they want to display their favorite NASCAR driver, the cardboard cutout is the perfect way to do it.


While having plates and cups and the like is important, why not make it slightly more NASCAR-themed? Bringing NASCAR-themed cups and koozies is a great way to make the entire camping party NASCAR-themed. Koozies also function to keep drinks cold on a hot day.

Custom koozies are easy to find, and they give fans another way to showcase their fandom. Why not do it during something everyone does at a race, eating and drinking?

These are some fun things fans can bring while camping at a race track. Which one is a must-bring for campers at a track?

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