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The Do’s and Dont’s of NASCAR Camping

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What’s Happening?

When camping at a NASCAR race, knowing what to do and what not to do is vital for fans to have a good experience. There may be some surprising things that newer fans may not anticipate. Today, we have the definitive list of do’s and dont’s when camping at a NASCAR Cup Series race.

  • Some of these do’s and dont’s may vary from track to track and campground to campground. Fans must research each place’s unique rules and regulations for camping at a race track.
  • Generally speaking, race tracks and campgrounds let fans do things pretty freely within logical guidelines. It’s where fans are staying during a normal race weekend.
  • Fans love camping, and following these general guidelines will help make the experience even better.

Do: Research Rules on Pets, Fire Pits, Parking, and Quiet Hours

The four main areas where rules vary between tracks are pets, fire pits, tow parking, and quiet hours. If fans are planning on bringing pets or fire pits to the track, research the rules of whatever campsite or campground is available. Fans should also research where they can park their cars after getting their camper parked for the race weekend as well. Quiet hours often vary between specific campgrounds at race tracks, so, depending on which experience fans are looking for, they should consider that.

Don’t: Bring Things That Are Not Allowed

While campgrounds are generally pretty lenient with what can or cannot be allowed in, make sure you find out what is not allowed. Some campgrounds may have certain rules on fire pits that others will not. Some campgrounds may allow power generators, and others may not. Again, research the rules for the specific campground you are staying at.

Do: Bring Flags to Stack on Your RV

One of the most iconic visuals of any NASCAR track is the fluttering flags on campers in the infield and cars in the parking lot. Bringing these types of things is usually allowed and encouraged, and it allows fans to see which neighbors could like their favorite driver. Stay safe when putting up flags high in the air.

Don’t: Bring Flags with Obscene or Hateful Gestures

When deciding which flags to fly at a NASCAR race, make sure that they are not overly obscene with hateful logos or gestures. The Confederate flag, for example, has been banned from NASCAR tracks, so, do not bring that. Signs and flags poking fun at a driver here and there is not a bad thing, but, keep it from being overly obscene.

Do: Bring Fun Lawn Games

When getting ready for race day, a great way to pass the time is playing fun lawn games such as cornhole, ladder ball, or just tossing a football around. The biggest thing to remember here is to respect the space of people around you. Make sure whatever lawn game you play is within your campsite and not intruding on other people’s space.

Don’t: Intrude on Other People’s Space

When playing lawn games, putting a cornhole board into someone else’s campsite is bound to make them upset if they have not agreed to let you do so. Sometimes, it can be easy to get carried away with a good time that you can easily slip into someone else’s campsite. Make sure you are aware of the space around you.

Do: Enjoy Time With The Neighbors Around You

Campgrounds are open places where multiple NASCAR fans are coming together to enjoy a weekend at. theraces. It is both allowed and encouraged to mix and mingle with the fans around you, and that can often lead to making lifelong friends. If you want to spend the entire night partying, there are places and people there to do so. If you want to enjoy a nice, relaxing night by the fire, there are plenty of people doing that as well.

Don’t: Be an Inconvenience to Those Around You

When at a campsite, keep in mind that you are not the only one there. Different people are there trying to have their own experiences on their own, and doing things like playing overly loud music after quiet hours or intruding into someone else’s campsite is not a good idea.

Do: Use Common Sense

Many rules and regulations at a NASCAR campground can be summed up in one simple phrase, “Don’t be an idiot”. If there is a rule at a campground, then follow it. Make sure you respect your neighbors during a race weekend, and be a likable human being to those around you. Simply put, be a good person, and do logical things during a race weekend.

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