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Nashville Fairgrounds Opposition Launches Final Attack

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Bryan Moyers

Bryan Moyers

These articles are written perfect and staggered special. If you wanna read em, they CAN inform you. -Harry Hogge, probably.
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Ahead of next Tuesday's Metro Council meeting, some Nashville residents have created a coalition against NASCAR's proposal to take over Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway.

What’s Happening?

As NASCAR works to make a return to the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway, stakeholders within the sport have made an offer to Metro Nashville to rent and manage the famed short track.

Using management from Bristol Motor Speedway, the proposal is for Speedway Motorsports to operate at the fairgrounds to renovate the facility, promote local races, and potentially bring a NASCAR race to the historic racetrack.

The area around the fairgrounds, known as Wedgewood-Houston or WeHo, has recently undergone significant gentrification and infill development. The development includes Geodis Park, the nation’s largest purpose-built soccer stadium.

New residents of WeHo are against Speedway Motorsports’ proposal and are afraid of the noise and influx of fans should there be a NASCAR race hosted there.

What You Need to Know:

  • NASCAR and other industry stakeholders are working to bring NASCAR back to the historic Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway.
  • Some vocal residents are opposed to the effort and have sent postcards across the Nashville metro area in an attempt to strengthen their opposition at the upcoming Metro Council vote.
  • Racing fans love the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway and many of the sport’s stars have competed on the short track. The initiative to revitalize the speedway with NASCAR support is at the final steps with a vote March 14.

In the Stands

Fans responded to the postcard as expected – relentlessly mocking and undermining the coalition’s stance.

Some argued with Jeremy that the area is only old people, but the new gentrification of the area has certainly drawn a younger demographic of residents lately.

Many fans pointed out the void of logic in the opposition’s choices.

Speaking of “Karens”, Darian uses the acronym to say that the opposition is missing bigger issues.

From the Pressbox

Alan Cavanna pointed out the irony in the opposing coalition’s acronym. As the complainer’s are asking everyone to speak with the city’s managers.

The home of the All American 400 is noted across stock car racing as a premier event, attracting fans and competitors from around the country. Fairgrounds Speedway celebrates 119 years of racing in the heart of Nashville on opening night, April 1st.

TDD will have more on the Fairgrounds Speedway next week as both sides prepare their arguments for the March 14 public hearing.

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Bryan Moyers

Bryan Moyers

These articles are written perfect and staggered special. If you wanna read em, they CAN inform you. -Harry Hogge, probably.
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