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Everything that Went Wrong with NASCAR Heat 5’s New DLC

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Progress resets, weird handling, and lack of availability on all platforms highlight a messy launch.

What’s Happening?

Motorsport Games has recently released a DLC for NASCAR Heat 5, a three year old game, and, to say the least, the release was not smooth. The DLC was supposed to release on Thursday, but, on Thursday morning, players were unable to play the DLC. Later in the day, NASCAR Heat 5 officially tweeted that it would release at 5 PM ET that day.

However, that did not solve all of the problems. Fans continued to showcase issues with the DLC, which already was subject to controversy for multiple reasons. NASCAR Heat 5 is a three-year-old game, and there is no new simulation-style NASCAR game on the horizon.

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Motorsport Games has fallen completely out of the good graces of the NASCAR community, and fans let them know the frustration they had regarding the DLC. The issues ranged from the issues with getting it on Xbox to issues with career mode to how the cars handle to the price point. Especially following a free 2023 paint schemes mod that was released.

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The Lack of DLC for Xbox Players

Update: XBOX is now unlocked with a patch.

Rusty_Walrus, Motorsport Games community Manager, had to take to Twitter to address the issue of no DLC available for Xbox Players

Bryce Hedgecock said that the Xbox version of the DLC currently does not work.

Crush50 went into further detail about the issues he was having with NASCAR on Xbox.

TeMo45 has given up.

The Maj shows that these technical glitches are not limited to just Xbox

Reset Career Mode

Jamie Wright says that the update reset their career mode and all other settings.

LSTNSCRFN highlights many issues with the DLC, highlighting the career mode.

MG Racing talked more about issues with downloading the update, and how he lost his Career mode.

Price Point

Toplar points out what can be bought in comparison to the DLC.

Jennifer G says that the DLC is not worth it.

Darian has found better things to do than to play NASCAR Heat 5

Sirnickles#Voteboat says the $10 outdated DLC is not worth it.

Handling Model

Among other flaws, RealRadman points out issues with gear ratio on certain tracks.

Ryan Ostrander says he does not love how slow the Next-Gen cars are.

Michael Whitman describes the car as more “planted” with the Next-Gen update.

It’s safe to say that almost everything that can go wrong has seemingly gone wrong in NASCAR gaming. An outdated DLC on an outdated video game with no truly new simulation NASCAR content on the horizon. Things are bad.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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