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Watching RealRadman: Is there ANY Hope for NASCAR Console Gaming?

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RealRadman is one of NASCAR’s most prominent gaming YouTubers, and he gave his thoughts on the future of NASCAR console gaming. His thoughts were less than optimistic to say the least.

This opens up a larger question about NASCAR gaming as a whole. How does NASCAR gaming fix the issues that it is in? How does the current state of NASCAR gaming effect its’ reach?

These are complicated questions to answer. However, they are all incredibly important as well. RealRadman points out issues with the game, but it points out a larger issue with NASCAR gaming.

The Lack of Modern Gaming Features

It’s important to note when watching this video that the most recent 2023 driver “update” on NASCAR Heat 5 was not an official Motorsport Games update. It was a mod that was created by the community.

Motorsport Games is still working on a Next-Gen car update to NASCAR Heat 5, that RealRadman claims will use 2022 drivers. Honest question, where is the good, fresh, new content for NASCAR gamers? It does not exist.

This is a huge problem given the modern video game industry. Nowadays, games are typically released under a “Live Service” model. New content is consistently released keeping these games fresh.

This “modernity” problem even extends to online gaming. RealRadman does not even discuss online gaming because, quite frankly, that community does not exist on NASCAR console games. Part of why it does not exist is because of three main reasons.

One, the newest NASCAR game is broken. Two, the most modern NASCAR on-line experience is on a three-year-old game. Three, the experience on-line is sorely lagging behind modern games.

As opposed to a modern Quick Play option, you are resorted to sitting in a server either waiting for a race to end or waiting for a race to start. It’s hard to keep the attention of people when they are unable to have an enjoyable NASCAR gaming experience online.

Even if NASCAR 21: Ignition had not bugs, would it even appeal to people? It’s hard to say that it would.

Who exactly are these people that NASCAR could potentially reach that they are not reaching? What is NASCAR missing out on?

The Demographics that Video Games Reach

It is no secret that the demographic NASCAR is looking to reach is the younger demographic. More specifically, the 18-49 demographic.

This comes amidst reports of NASCAR’s TV ratings. For example the Cup Series race at Kansas Speedway back in May went directly up against the Formula One Miami Grand Prix. F1 beat NASCAR in the key 18-49 demographic.

Video games tend to reach a younger audience. According to Finances Online, 38% of gamers are between the ages of 18-34, and 26% are between 36 and 54. In essence, video games reach the younger demographic that NASCAR wants.

Formula One consistently puts out a video game every year with a Triple A publisher, EA Sports. Say what you will about EA Sports, but the fact that F1 has a console video game from this size of a company gives them a massive advantage in this department. They can give these younger people the chance to actively enjoy and learn about the sport in ways that just watching it is hard to do.

This is obviously pretty bleak, and changes need to be made. However, what can realistically be done about this? What does the future hold for NASCAR gaming.

What Does the Future Hold?

RealRadman spends most of his time discussing the future of NASCAR gaming. He is less than optimistic to say the least.

NASCAR obviously needs a new, high-quality, modern game. However, where will it come from? Motorsport Games is in shambles currently.

Can NASCAR get a new developer with a major publisher? NASCAR went the route of a Triple-A publisher with Activision for the Eutechnyx NASCAR games in the early 2010s, and those games were not received very well.

Would a Triple-A publisher even care enough about a NASCAR video game? Is it possible to make a NASCAR game appealing enough to a business that can make them money?

All of these are big questions that are hard to answer, and we will be further discussing those in recent pieces. The bottom line is that the modern situation with NASCAR gaming is not good, and things need to change.

Circle B Diecast Push Down

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