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Kyle Busch and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Start a BRAWL After All-Star Race.

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What’s Happening?

Kyle Busch marched back to the garage area after the All-Star Race, with Ricky Stenhouse Jr. waiting. After a brief exchange of words, Stenhouse Jr. threw a punch at Busch, starting a brawl between Busch and Stenhouse’s crew members. Kyle Busch can be heard after the brawl screaming to Stenhouse Jr., “I don’t give a F**k! I suck just as bad as you!” The full video is below.

  • Stenhouse Jr. was frustrated after Busch wrecked him early in the race. In his interview, Stenhouse Jr. vowed to confront Busch after the race.
  • This was not Busch’s only incident of the night. He also spun out Ty Gibbs just after the race’s halfway point, meaning Busch was at the center of both incident-related cautions.
  • Fans, drivers, and media members were all discussing the fight after the race. Everyone knew it was coming, and it was what everyone expected.

The Full Story

It all started on lap 1. Kyle Busch felt he was pushed into the wall by Stenhouse Jr. off of turn 2 on the first lap. Busch elected to show his displeasure by wrecking Stenhouse Jr. in turn 1 on the next lap.

Video later showed that there was no contact between Stenhouse Jr. and Busch.

Stenhouse Jr. was heated and elected to show his displeasure by parking his car in Kyle Busch’s pit stall. Stenhouse Jr. later climbed up the pit stall and shared some not-so-nice words with Kyle Busch’s team.

When talking to the media after the incident, Stenhouse Jr. vowed that he would confront Busch, saying “Watch after the race”. It also helped that, with no underground tunnel, Stenhouse Jr. was stuck in the infield after the wreck.

After the race, Stenhouse Jr. stood outside the No. 8 team’s hauler. As that was happening, Kyle Busch talked to the media before confronting Stenhouse Jr. Busch said he was “Tired of getting run over by everybody, but that’s what everybody does. Everybody runs over everybody to pass everybody.”

When Busch confronted Stenhouse Jr. words were briefly exchanged. Stenhouse Jr. then threw the punch, and the fight was on.

Busch was not interviewed after the fight, but Stenhouse Jr. was. According to Steven Taranto, he said, “I know [Busch]’s frustrated because he doesn’t run nearly as good as he used to.”

All the Angles

Matt Weaver’s video showcases the lead-up to the fight. Busch gets out of the car and walks to the hauler, only to see Stenhouse Jr. waiting.

Bob Pockrass got the start of the fight, but, his phone was knocked away as the fight started. Stenhouse Jr. can be heard repeatedly saying he didn’t hit Busch, which Busch brushed off. Stehouse Jr. said, “Go watch it!” with Busch responding, “Okay,” before the punch.

While Pockrass’ angle didn’t get the entire fight, the image of his face was quickly memed afterward. Kaz Grala was the first one to do so.

Dawson Cram also took advantage of the memeable moment.

NASCAR also uploaded footage of the fight. This one compiled multiple angles, where Busch is seen tackled to the ground by Stenhouse Jr.’s crew members.

In the Stands

The fight happened primarily because Stenhouse Jr. had no way out of the track. This gave Dale Earnhardt jr. an idea.

DannyBTalks was quite entertained by what he saw.

Eric Estapp was happier with this than he was with the race itself it seems.

It seems Brakehard is in a boat similar to Eric.

Nick Lent loved to see Stenhouse Jr. do what he did.

Philly Trap House gave Stenhouse Jr. a new nickname.

NASCARnerd had some thoughts on the pit crew members involved in the fight.

Bradley Thomas believes that drivers should be suspended.

King_Sebastian5 said that this fight was better than the race.

Jack did not like the punch, and he does not like drivers punching other drivers under any circumstances.

Now, we await what NASCAR will do with this.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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