New 2023 Mod Available for NASCAR Heat 5

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With the state of Motorsport Games and NASCAR gaming in general, NASCAR Heat 5 has gained a new life. Now, Ozzycon Paints has extended that life with a brand new NASCAR Heat 5 mod featuring 2023 paint schemes. If you are interested in downloading these paint schemes, they can be found on

About the Mod features both instructions for downloading the mod and the files as well. The site also features the mods for 2021 and 2022 as well. So, if someone wants to play with the 2021 and 2022 paint schemes, that option is available.

The necessary download files for the 2023 paint schemes are at They feature things such as the schemes, the car bodies, and other necessary pieces for the mod to function. There are also features such as night or day variants

Ozzycon is also up front on some of the issues with the mod which include the tire models for Xfinity and Truck Series, the damage model, and hood and roof flaps. However, they do mention that they strived to their best, and it seems the reaction was quite positive. A couple of NASCAR Gaming’s biggest YouTubers played NASCAR Heat 5 yesterday with the new mod to showcase it.

RealRadman Looks at the Cup Series, Tracks, and Classic Drivers

RealRadman showcases that all of the 2023 drivers are featured in the mod. Not just the full-time drivers are in there, but it even showcases part-time drivers like Connor Daly, Kimi Raikkonen, and Jimmie Johnson.

There are also multiple classic NASCAR paint schemes featured in the mod as well. RealRadman did showcase a bug on some of those classic schemes, but he did qualify that he is unsure whether it is an issue with the mod itself or an issue on his end. That being said, not every classic scheme had those bugs.

He also showcases nighttime or daytime variants of race tracks as well. Certain tracks that previously only had daytime races now have night-time variants and vice versa. He showcased those nighttime variants during this video along with certain classic paint schemes.

Michael Mrucz Looks at the Entire Mod

Whereas RealRadman took a look mainly at the biggest highlights of the mod, Michael Mrucz takes a more in-depth look at the mod. He goes from reading/skimming through the mod release on a Word Doc discussing all of the additions with this new mod from the paint schemes, to updated schedules in Championship mode to the aforementioned night races.

From there he looks at every new paint scheme, the brand new paint booth, and he also looks at the mods for the Xfinity Series, Truck Series and even the dirt series in the game. Long story short, Mrucz does a full walkthrough just as the title of his stream implies. For a complete in-depth look at the mod and every single feature that it offers, this video is it.


This mod is definitely something that NASCAR fans are happy to see. If a new NASCAR game is not coming soon, having some ability to race the 2023 NASCAR Cup Series paint schemes is a welcome sight for the community.

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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