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Is Bowman Gray Stadium Already on the 2025 Schedule?

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What’s Happening?

Mike Joy dropped a 2025 schedule rumor during the Advent Health 400 at Darlington Raceway. After Ricky Rozier, a pit crew member on the No. 42 car, mentioned they are an alumnus of Winston-Salem State University, Joy added this quote about their football stadium.

Rozier went to Winston-Salem State, and I understand we may race at their football stadium soon, which happens to be Bowman Gray Stadium.

Mike Joy
  • NASCAR recently purchased Bowman-Gray Stadium, and the track’s racing schedule is well underway. Since then, many have speculated that Bowman-Gray Stadium could play a role in NASCAR’s national touring series.
  • Bowman Gray Stadium is one of the most historic race tracks in the country. It’s 0.25 miles and hosted the NASCAR Cup Series at least once per year between 1958 and 1971.
  • Fans are intrigued by the potential of Bowman Gray Stadium on the NASCAR Cup Series schedule. However, it would likely have to happen in a non-point race.

Everything We Know So Far About Bowman Gray Stadium

NASCAR acquired Bowman Gray Stadium earlier this year. With the track now under NASCAR ownership, it gives the track an easier path onto a potential future NASCAR schedule. While no reports have stated that Bowman Gray will be added to the 2025 schedule, Mike Joy is well-connected within NASCAR, so, he likely knows what rumors are floating around.

The Clash at the LA Coliseum proved that NASCAR can host a race on a track that’s 0.25 miles long, if they are willing to make some changes. However, given that Bowman Gray would likely not fit a full field of cars, it would probably have to host a non-points race, such as an All-Star Race or a Clash. We discussed that possibility in the article below.

The Clash is a NASCAR-Owned event that is potentially on the move after the contract with the LA Coliseum expires. However, early February might be a bit too soon to host a race in Winston-Salem, where the average high temperature is 53°F according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The All-Star Race would be the better time of year, as the race is held in May. However, that race date has traditionally been held by SMI.

What We Know about the 2025 Schedule

As of right now, only 3 dates are confirmed on the 2025 NASCAR schedule. The All-Star Race and The Clash are both in an interesting spot.

We we mentioned, the contract at the LA Coliseum for running the Clash is up. However, NASCAR has committed to a race in Southern California for 2024, so, could the race come back for one year?

The All-Star Race is currently held at North Wilkesboro, and it’s the most likely space for Bowman Gray to slot into. North Wilkesboro wants a points race, and, with tracks like Richmond potentially on the chopping block, that’s an easy spot for North Wilkesboro to slot in while Bowman Gray takes over as the All-Star Race venue. The caveat is that the All-Star Race is an SMI-owned event, so, would NASCAR be willing to sacrifice something to bring the All-Star Race to Bowman Gray?

Ultimately, these are just rumors, but, they are fun to discuss. Could NASCAR be heading to Bowman Gray Stadium in 2025?

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