What’s Happening?

In 2024, NASCAR on Fox will look slightly different than it did in 2023. Fans were not kind to Fox for their NASCAR broadcasts in 2023, but, will the 2024 season change fan perception? Here is a look at NASCAR on Fox for 2024.

  • NASCAR on Fox returns most of their talent for 2024 with the addition of Kevin Harvick to the booth. Fans are excited to see how Harvick does in the booth in 2024.
  • We will spend most of our time analyzing the Cup Series side of things, but, we will look at the lower series some as well.
  • Fans were very critical of NASCAR on FOX in 2023. However, 2024 is a new year, and Fox will stay with NASCAR at least through 2031.

The Booth

The biggest change for NASCAR on Fox in 2024 is the addition of Kevin Harvick in the booth alongside Mike Joy and Clint Bowyer. Fox spent the last two seasons with Mike Joy and Clint Bowyer partnering up with a revolving door of guest analysts. The addition of Harvick should mean some much-needed consistency for Fox and the broadcast booth. Mike Joy returns for his 24th season as Fox’s lead play-by-play announcer, and Bowyer is in his 4th season as a color commentator.

Larry McReynolds seems set to resume his similar role on broadcasts this year. While not in the booth and on-site for most races, McReynolds has broadcasted from his “War Room” the last few years. Some wondered if McReynolds may return to the booth at some point, which would make it a four-man booth like NBC. However, for now, he looks set to return.

What could the addition of Harvick do for the Fox booth? It adds consistency, and Harvick does have a decent amount of experience in the booth. He also provides an interesting foil to Clint Bowyer, and that should make for an interesting balance between the two.

Pit Road

In 2023, Fox had Jamie Little, Regan Smith, and Josh Sims as pit reporters. It seems the same three are intent on returning in 2024. Little’s role has expanded at Fox in recent years to play-by-play duties for the lower series such as ARCA and the Truck Series. More on that later.

Josh Sims has also hosted NASCAR Race Hub a few times, so, his role may be increasing with Fox as time goes on. Regan Smith has been in the studio as well as an analyst for Race Hub. Michael Waltrip was also on-site to do the grid walk in the Cup Series.

While on Sundays they will likely be seen on pit road, they should have expanded roles in other areas of NASCAR on Fox. It will be interesting to see how these roles evolve in 2024.

The Studio/Pre-Race

Shannon Spake looks set to return as the host for NASCAR RaceDay. The analysts with her in 2023 included Jamie McMurray, Bobby Labonte, and Larry McReynolds. Some wondered if McMurray may move up to the booth in 2024, but, he seems he will stay in the studio for now.

Adam Alexander has hosted a few pre-race shows as well. His most prominent work is as the lap-by-lap commentator for Xfinity Series races, so, he may be the heir apparent to Mike Joy if/when Joy retires. Chris Myers was on-site for the pre-race show in 2023, and he was usually partnered with the booth analysts at the race track.

Again, it seems like a similar group is returning for 2024. These are very experienced individuals, with members like McMurray being highly touted by fans. Alexander might be the future of the Cup Series on Fox as well in the future. Time will tell, but, these commentators will be interesting to watch as time goes on.

The Lower Series

Fox’s broadcasts of the lower series were under some scrutiny in 2023. Particularly broadcasting the Truck Series remotely. However, the recent building of NASCAR Studios shows that NASCAR is looking to potentially do more remote broadcasts in the future. It seems that is not going anywhere for now.

As previously mentioned, Adam Alexander took some of the play-by-play duties in the lower series. He took the Xfinity Series and rotated the Truck Series with Jamie Little. Usually, the Xfinity Series brought in guest analysts, but, who else could broadcast some Xfinity Series races this year as well?

The participation of drivers in Xfinity Series broadcasts is always interesting to watch. With Harvick gone, someone may need to fill that “Broadcaster prodigy” role Harvick had. Could we also see retired or semi-retired driver analysts like Todd Bodine or Trevor Bayne doing more Xfinity Series races as well?

It will also be interesting to see how Jamie Little continues to improve with more opportunities at Play by Play. How she and Adam Alexander continue to build rapport with Phil Parsons and Michael Waltrip will be interesting to watch.

It seems Fox is running it back primarily with some old faces in 2024. However, the addition of Kevin Harvick may add something interesting to Fox’s 2024 lineup.