What’s Happening?

As the 2024 NASCAR season approaches, fans are wondering which NASCAR races will be streamed on Peacock. What’s the latest news about NASCAR on Peacock in 2024?

  • NBC announced its 2024 broadcast schedule alongside the 2024 NASCAR schedule release. This featured the typical 10 races on network TV and 10 races on USA, but, details on Peacock would come in the future.
  • NASCAR has been on Peacock since 2021. Every year since, three races have been streamed on Peacock, simulcasting the NBC broadcast.
  • NASCAR fans, particularly those who travel, want to know which races will be streamed on Peacock. Since a cable subscription won’t allow them to stream on the go, Peacock is necessary.

Which Races Will Be on Peacock in 2024?

NBC has yet to announce their 2024 Peacock plans, but, we can speculate. Here are the three races streamed on Peacock each year since 2021.

  • 2021: Texas (Fall), Martinsville (Fall), Phoenix (Championship Race)
  • 2022: Nashville, Daytona (August), Phoenix (Championship Race)
  • 2023: Chicago Street Race, Daytona (August), Phoenix (Championship Race)

It’s worth noting that every race streamed on Peacock was simulcast on NBC, not USA or NBCSN. The only exception was the 2022 Daytona August race, which was moved from NBC to CNBC because of a weather delay. Here are the 10 races on network TV in 2024 that are likely candidates.

  • Nashville (June 30)
  • Chicago Street Race (July 7)
  • Indianapolis (July 21)
  • Daytona (August 24)
  • Talladega (October 6th)
  • Charlotte Roval (October 13th)
  • Las Vegas (October 20th)
  • Homestead (October 27th)
  • Martinsville (November 3rd)
  • Phoenix (November 10th)

Every year, the Championship race at Phoenix has been streamed on Peacock, so, it’s a safe bet that will happen again in 2024. The Daytona race in August has been streamed on Peacock the last two years, but, that is no longer the Playoff cut-off race.

Given how successful the Chicago Street Race was on Peacock in 2023, that’s a likely candidate. The return of the Brickyard 400 could also slot in. Playoff Round cutoff races such as the Charlotte Roval and Martinsville are candidates as well.

Changes to 2024 Peacock Coverage

As we mentioned earlier, Peacock coverage is as simple as simulcasting the NBC broadcast onto streaming, so, any changed to NBC are also made to Peacock. The first high-profile change is Dale Earnhardt Jr. leaving NBC for Amazon and Warner Bros. Discovery (TNT). He will be out of the NBC/Peacock booth for 2024.

In the wake of this announcement, it was also reported by Adam Stern of Sports Business Journal that Leigh Diffey would take over as the lead commentator for Cup Series races on NBC/Peacock sometime after the Olympic break. Specifics were not given on which races he would broadcast.

Which races do you think will be on Peaock in 2024? Will NBC put a new race on Peacock or will they return to all of the same usual races in 2024?