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What To Do For Fun While Camping at a NASCAR Race

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What’s Happening?

When camping at a NASCAR race, there are plenty of fun things that fans can do to pass the time. From lawn games to the typical camping fun fans can have. Here are some things that fans can do for fun while at a NASCAR race.

  • Fans are camping at a NASCAR race for an entire weekend, not just for a day trip. It’s important to find fun things to do when cars are not on the race track.
  • It’s also important to know the rules of each specific campground. There may be a rule that prohibits certain activities or rules about where fans can do these types of activities.
  • Fans love finding creative and fun activities at a NASCAR race. NASCAR fans always get very creative.

Campfires (Check Track Campground Rules)

What’s camping without a campfire, right? It’s one of the most common things to do when camping anywhere, and it can be done at a NASCAR race. Although, fans may need to get a bit more creative with campfires at a race.

Typically, NASCAR campgrounds do not have dedicated firepits, and fans need to check the rules for campfires at a race. Bringing a portable firepit can be a great solution for fans to enjoy a night under the stars at a race track. Maybe even roast a s’more or a couple of hot dogs as well.


There’s no lawn game quite like a good game of cornhole. Just set up two boards with some bean bags, and you are all set! It’s the perfect lawn game to play while at a race track.

When playing cornhole, fans should be conscious of their surroundings and make sure that they are not intruding on other people’s space. Try to keep it out of the roads where vehicles may come through, and don’t throw bean bags into other campsites. Still, to kill some time before the race starts, this is a great game to play.

Ladder Ball

Another great lawn game to play is ladder ball. It’s similar to bean bags, but, players throw golf balls tied to a string to hang them on a ladder just a few feet away. It’s a fun game to play with many friends.

Like cornhole, fans need to be aware of their surroundings when playing it. Golf balls are also smaller and much harder than bean bags, so, they can injure someone if thrown the wrong way. Again, keep your surroundings in mind.

Tossing a Football Around

If fans do not have a game like this to play, grabbing a football and tossing it around is as simple as it gets. All you need is a football and you’re all set. If you can find some space and people to play with, there can even be some fun touch or tackle football played in the campgrounds.

Like always, be aware of your surroundings, and make sure there is plenty of space to play this game. Tossing a football may require more space than these other games do depending on how far to throw it. However, this is a game that can bring people together from around the campground, so, it could be wildly popular.

Watching the Race…In Style

Of course, fans who camp can watch the race from the grandstands, but, camping offers a unique experience. Fans can watch the race from the infield either up against the fence or on top of another camper. Some people will build platforms on top of their camper to get a clear view of the race track.

If camping outside of the track, fans can gather around a TV and watch the race from there. It’s as unique of a watch party as fans can get while at the race track. While fans are not inside the race track in this instance, it allows them to party with those around them and enjoy a grand time at the track.

These are just a few fun things fans can do while camping. What are some other fun things you do while camping at the race track?

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