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Updated Weather Forecast for Clash at the Coliseum

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What’s Happening?

The 2024 NASCAR season is finally upon us with the Clash at the LA Coliseum this weekend, and, now that the season is back, NASCAR fans have to hold their breath on the weather. Will rain dampen NASCAR’s season opener?

  • Since NASCAR returned to Southern California yearly in 1997, weather has generally been cooperative during early season races. However, there have been a couple of major exceptions.
  • 2024 will be the 4th season of the Clash at the LA Coliseum. Since this event has been held in LA, there have been no weather-related interruptions or postponements.
  • Fans are excited about racing to return. However, they are also concerned about potential weather.

Weather Forecast via National Weather Service

Saturday, February 3rd: Cup Series Practice/Heat Races (6:10 PM ET/8:00 PM ET)

  • Forecast: Mostly Sunny with a slight chance of rain
  • Temperature: High 60°F, Dropping into upper 50s°F
  • Rain: 24%
  • Wind: SW 8 MPH

Sunday, February 4th: Cup Series LCQ/Race (6:40/8:00 PM ET)

  • Forecast: Chance of Rain
  • Temperature: High 62°F, Dropping into upper 50s°F for most of the event.
  • Rain: 80%
  • Wind: SE 26-28 MPH; Gusting to 36-37 MPH

What is Going on in Southern California This Weekend?

The weather is not looking good for this weekend, but, NASCAR thankfully has contingency plans in place in case the rains do come. They will bring rain tires, which will allow the Cup Series cars to race in damp conditions, but not during a rainstorm. If NASCAR can find a small window, that could happen as we get into below.

The National Weather Service of Los Angeles has pinpointed Sunday Night as the peak timing for the storm. They have even forecasted potentially “Life-threatening flooding”. What exactly that means and if that will actually take place, we do not know, but, if heavy rains come, NASCAR cannot race with wet weather equipment. That could push the race to Monday and even beyond that if the rain continues. However, a small window without rain could allow them to run the race.

Southern California NASCAR Weather History

While Southern California is generally a very dry climate, NASCAR has had two races heavily hampered by weather. The first came in 2008 at Auto Club Speedway, when persistent rain showers caused the race to be stopped partway through and finished on Monday. Carl Edwards won.

In 2012, the rain returned to Auto Club Speedway. Everyone in the garage area knew it was coming, the question was, would the race reach halfway? Well, the race went caution-free until the rain came at lap 124, and that was it. Tony Stewart won the only rain-shortened race in Auto Club Speedway history.

Will the rain hold off this weekend at the LA Coliseum? Keep this article bookmarked as the week goes on! We will update it with the weather forecast as the week goes on.

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