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The Great Story of Kevin Harvick

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Matt Smith

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Kevin Harvick revolutionized the sport with his skill and technique, he is a guaranteed Hall of Famer. The average fan knows this, but fortunately, we have Darkzy from Dog Leg Media to tell us the story of “The Closer” Kevin Harvick

  • Harvick entered the NASCAR Cup Series a few months earlier than expected, after the greatest tragedy in a sport this was undoubtedly the most pressure that any NASCAR driver has ever felt but do you think any other athlete in the world has ever had to feel that much pressure? 
  • Even while dealing with all this pressure that had been put on him after the loss of one of NASCAR’s most popular drivers ever, Kevin Harvick had to fulfill his Busch Series responsibilities and compete in two seasons at once for a total of 67 races. He ended up ninth in the NASCAR Cup Series standings while winning the 2001 Busch championship. Should this be known as the greatest accomplishment by a Busch Series driver?
  • Kevin Harvick could’ve possibly moved to the #3 car leading up into the 2004 season but it eventually never happened instead, Austin Dillon will get it over a decade later. Do you think it would’ve been a good idea for Kevin Harvick to move to the #3 car in 2004?

Is Kevin Harvick an underrated driver? Do you think he will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer? Was Kevin Harvick hated or loved by you growing up? Let Darkzy and Dog Leg Media know all your thoughts and questions in the comment section

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