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The Big Questions Surrounding the Xfinity and Truck Series 2024 Schedule

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When thinking about the 2024 NASCAR schedule, we often think about the NASCAR Cup Series, but the Xfinity and Truck Series cannot be neglected. The vast majority of races in the two series are companion races to the Cup Series, so, wherever the Cup Series goes, the Xfinity and Truck Series will likely follow. What will the schedule between the two series look like?

More or Less Companion Weekends?

As time has gone on, more and more of the Xfinity and Truck Series schedule have become companion races. Of the 33 Xfinity Series races this year, 31 of them are companion races with the lone exceptions being road course races at Portland and Road America. In the Craftsman Truck Series, of the 23 races, 19 are companion races with the exceptions being Texas, Mid-Ohio, Indianapolis Raceway Park, and the Milwaukee Mile.

It’s obvious why NASCAR uses these series as companion races to the Cup Series. First off, it gives more on-track activity during the race weekend. Having the Xfinity cars and/or the Trucks in town means that fans have less downtime on Friday or Saturday at the race track.

It also is good for talent analysis for Cup Series teams. It’s easier to analyze how well Xfinity or Truck Series drivers could translate if the cars run on the same race tracks as the Cup guys do.

That’s not to say that non-companion races do not have a purpose. Most non-companion weekends have been used as testing grounds for new markets and new race tracks. Tracks such as Kentucky, Road America, Gateway, and Nashville all had Truck or Xfinity Series dates before they found their way onto the Cup Series schedule

With NASCAR having more schedule flexibility in year’s past, then is there really a need for the Xfinity and Truck Series to run in these new markets? If the Cup Series runs on new, unique race tracks, then the Xfinity and Truck Series being there means that those events have more value to them.

It seems that NASCAR is going away from these non-companion race weekends. So, could there be less or even no companion weekends for the Xfinity Series and Truck Series next season?

However, NASCAR is also looking to expand internationally. Would the Xfinity and Truck Series follow the Cup Series if they go overseas? If they don’t, then there could be a place for more non-companion races. WIth this in mind, where could the Xfinity and Truck Series go in terms of these potential new Cup Series venues?

Which New Cup Series Events Could These Series Tag Along at?

Of the new Cup Series venues that they could potentially go to, the Xfinity and Truck Series could be candidates to come along with. However, it is not a guarantee, and some race tracks would be more likely than others. Here are some of these potential new events.


NASCAR could choose to partner the Cup Series with the Xfinity Series or Truck Series, but, NASCAR may also choose to go a different route. They originally planned to have an IMSA series partner with the Cup Series at the Chicago Street Race, but that did not work out. NASCAR could choose to partner with a series like the Pinty’s Series for this weekend instead of Xfinity or Trucks.

The Xfinity Series did run at this track previously, so they would be the most likely series to come along with. The Truck Series could come along too, but, would Montreal allow for a three race weekend? That is uncertain.

North Wilkesboro Points Race

This season, North Wilkesboro was the All-Star Race, with the Truck Series running alongside the Cup Series. The rumor is that the Cup Series could run a points race at North Wilkesboro. If that is the case, then why not make it a tripleheader weekend?

The Truck Series race there was exciting, and the Xfinity Series has a great short track product now. If NASCAR is going to make a return to North Wilkesboro for a points race, then why not go all the way with it?

Indianapolis Oval

The Indianapolis weekend already is pretty good as-is, with the Truck Series running at IRP the same weekend with the Cup and Xfinity Series running at the Indianapolis Road Course. However, the IndyCar doubleheader portion of the weekend will disappear if the Cup Series moves to the oval.

Could the Truck Series make the move to the oval? The series already races at Pocono, which is the closest comparison to Indianapolis on the schedule. A tripleheader weekend at the most famous race track in the world could be something to watch, and they could even start the Truck Series race around maybe 6:00 local on a Friday to get it in before sundown.

Potential NEW Non-Companion Venues

If NASCAR chooses more non-companion races, they do have some options for where to go. What are the new race tracks that the two series could add to the list of NASCAR tracks?

Canadian Tire Motorsports Park

With the Cup Series potentially moving to Montreal, there is another race track available in Canada that has hosted NASCAR before. Canadian Tire Motorsports Park used to host a Truck Series race with two being on Labor Day weekend the same day as the Southern 500. It made for a unique doubleheader for those watching at home.

Regardless, the Truck Series or Xfinity Series could go here either on the same weekend as the Cup Series in Montreal or a different weekend. This is probably the best chacne for these lower series to run an international race by themselves.

A New Street Race

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We already discussed this on the Daily Downforce before, but it is an interesting option. As previously mentioned, the non-companion weekends typically test the waters of new markets. Maybe bringing an Xfinity or Truck Series race to some new street track in new markets could be a unique way to bring the sport to more people.

Maybe even partnering with a sport like IndyCar could be an option as well. NASCAR already partners with IndyCar at Texas with the Truck Series functioning as the preliminary event.

Iowa Speedway

This is another track that NASCAR could partner with IndyCar at. It’s a race track that once had the potential for a Cup Series date, but things did not work out. Now, it’s a race track that has re-birthed itself some.

Adding the Truck or Xfinity Series to the venue could be interesting. It also could bring NASCAR back to the market as they work on the Cup Series short track package.

The Truck and Xfinity Series schedule is entirely dependent on the Cup Series schedule for 2024. Despite this, there is still some potential variability in the schedule. It should be interesting to see how everything plays out.

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Joshua Lipowski

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