NASCAR Fans on Reddit Discuss the Sport’s Identity

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Just like everything since the early 2000s, things have been modernized. From technology, to design, to sport and everything in between.

NASCAR is no different in this realm, as the transition out of its heyday from the 90s and early 2000s has been a difficult one. Fans from 2004 looking at NASCAR in 2023 would not recognize it for what it is.

Varying car designs, differing tracks, and schedules, and a new environment of fans and culture have thrown NASCAR into the washing machine and perhaps stained its style. So, the question had to be asked by AdComplex3964: what is NASCAR’s current identity?

Joshjargin said there is no current identity from both a fan and executive standpoint.

OrneyInterst7647 said there’s no identity similar to joshjargin, and also mentioned the differences between new and old fans while comparing it to a stick and ball sport – which of course, will make NASCAR fans happy.

HalfastEddie looked more into the economic growth of the sport and how it’s affected how the sport is run and determines its future.

Tonoigtonbawtumgaer brings in a unique perspective from across the pond, and how it varies from other series such as Formula 1 but how these various differences can split the fan base.

Finally, RocasThePenguin puts it pretty simply and bluntly, only demonstrating the change NASCAR has done and is continuing to try to do.

NASCAR has made their bed and is now laying it in but not very comfortably. It’s going to be near impossible to cater to everyone in the fan base, but what’s the best way to fit as many people as possible in this new adventure for the sport, and what the future holds?

At this point, who knows? They have to do the best they can to bring in new fans but also keep the old fans entertained and watching, especially with the sport getting older and older. NASCAR’s identity sure is interesting for now, and will only continue to be a topic of discussion moving forward through the changes the sport goes through in the coming years.

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Evan Liu

Evan Liu

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