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Frontrunners Emerge in NASCAR’s Potential Move to Streaming TV

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Article Contents

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John Ourand of Sports Business Journal elaborates on a previous report, naming specific streaming companies NASCAR is meeting with for the next TV deal.

What’s Happening?

On Monday, NASCAR’s exclusive negotiating window with Fox and NBC for the next TV deal expired. With it, rumors of NASCAR moving some of their races to streaming exclusively began to heat up. It was reported by John Ourand of Sports Business Journal that NASCAR had meetings set up with digital companies.

Ourand elaborated on those comments in the Marchand and Ourand Sports Media Podcast saying that NASCAR met with companies on Monday and Tuesday. Specifically, Ourand named Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, and Google/YouTube, calling Amazon the current frontrunner.

  • NASCAR’s current TV deal with Fox and NBC runs out at the end of the year, and NASCAR has been rumored to move some of their races to streaming as a result. Ourand explained that this deal would likely be a midsummer package similar to the six race package on TNT from 2007-2014. Fox would likely keep the first part of the season, and NBC would likely take the second part.
  • Sports have begun the move to streaming in recent years. This includes The NFL moving Thursday Night Football to Amazon Prime exclusively, MLB having games exclusively on Apple TV+ and Peacock, and even IndyCar having one race per year exclusively on Peacock. NASCAR even streams on Peacock as well simulcasting the live NBC feed.
  • Fans are generally skeptical regarding this potentially major shift in NASCAR broadcasting.

The Main Characters

Ourand expressed these comments on the Marchand and Ourand Sports Media Podcast.

Adam Stern shared the Ourand article explaining that NASCAR was set to meet with digital media companies for a potential streaming package.

The article also included a quote from Fox Sports CEO Eric Shanks expressing interest to remain partners with NASCAR.

In the Stands

Nick Bobby Marks points out an interesting dilemma for international viewers.

Expensive for the fans, or for the media companies? Both can be true.

FireLynx is not watching if he needs to pay for an extra subscription.

Worlds worst fisherman has a personal experience with something similar to this.

Kevin Matter wants to see NASCAR and Apple team up.

Sean Disbro is not convinced that this is a good thing.

JBurton90 with a 160 IQ here.

MschfMngd likes the streaming idea, but is not sure about the potential broadcasters.

Evening_Bake_1851 wants the best of both worlds.

BabycakesMurphy notes that NASCAR could potentially reach a larger audience if they move to streaming.

AidenT06 noted less commercials on streaming.

iamaranger23 talking about all of the potential possibilities for this streaming option.

Around the Garage

Kenny Wallace shows how this move could potentially reach younger audiences.

On Your Screen

ElitePrecision29 is looking at the long term goals of this move.

Eric’s number 1 choice for streaming is Amazon, and he also points out the impact on the younger viewer.

David Land seems cautiously optimistic at the idea of Amazon streaming races.

The Iceberg, Jaret Lundberg, is skeptical about NASCAR moving to streaming.

Ourand has piqued the curiosity of Black Flags Matter.

Regardless of how fans feel, it seems inevitable that NASCAR will go to streaming one day. It is simply the direction the world is going, and in ten years, this controversy may feel silly if streaming becomes the mainstream norm.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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