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Fans React to Sheldon Creed Intentional Wrecking Penalty

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Article Contents

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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Fans gave their opinions on NASCAR choosing to penalize Sheldon Creed for his incident with Sammy Smith this weekend.

What’s Happening?

On Tuesday afternoon, NASCAR announced that Sheldon Creed was given a “Behavioral-level” penalty for intentionally wrecking Sammy Smith last weekend at Nashville. Creed was docked 25 driver points and a $25,000 fine for the incident. NASCAR cited radio comments made by Creed leading up to the incident as evidence that Creed wrecked Smith on purpose.

You Need to Know:

  • The penalty moved Creed from seventh to eighth in the points standings, and dropped him from 63 points above to 48 points above the Playoff cut line. Creed is still without a win this season, so he is still looking to point his way into the Playoffs.
  • NASCAR has been cracking down on intentionally wrecking others in recent weeks. They suspended Chase Elliott at Charlotte for intentionally crashing Denny Hamlin, and they penalized Hamlin after he admitted to intentionally wrecking Ross Chastain at Phoenix
  • Some fans were okay with the move, while other fans were not so happy. Some fans felt this was not worth a penalty, and others felt that the penalty should have been steeper.

The Main Characters

This is the radio chatter that likely led to Creed being penalized.

Read more on the incident:

In the Stands

48bowmanfan wonders what Sammy Smith did.

Scott Schell believes there should have been a suspension.

Karameikos calls this an L for Creed.

It seems All GAS TV and District do not agree.

Creed or Smith?

Lucas Amaral feels that the penalty was too harsh.

Jacqueline Gibbs hopes Creed learns from this.

DYMRofficial believes the penalty was too light.

Tim does not seem to agree with the penalty.

On Your Screen


Darian says that saying it on the radio was what did it in for Creed.

From the Pressbox

Jeff Gluck talked about the radio chatter as the reason for Creed being penalized.

Bob responds to a fan’s question about the severity of the penalty.

It’s difficult to argue with clear radio communications. It seems that the lesson learned is this, if intentionally wrecking a driver, do not say it on the radio.

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

All Posts