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The Iceberg on The Daily Downforce


The Iceberg

Jaret’s takes on the motorsports world don’t get much hotter, check out his daily uploads!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is no longer broadcasting at NBC, and he will move to Amazon Prime for 2025 alongside Warner Bros. Discovery. What does this mean for the future of NASCAR broadcasting? The Iceberg, a massive Earnhardt Jr. fan, gives his thoughts.

  • The Iceberg gave a strong opinion on NBC’s handling of the situation. The impact of Earnhardt Jr. leaving the booth will be felt.
  • NBC’s loss is Amazon’s gain. What can Amazon do to take advantage of Earnhardt Jr.’s presence?
  • The Iceberg also discusses what this means for Dirty Mo Media. Where will NASCAR fan’s favorite podcasts head to after 2024?

What does this mean for the future of broadcasting? The Iceberg will be sure to give his honest thoughts and opinions as this story plays out, and as the rest of the NASCAR season progresses.

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