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Podcast Party Bus Diecast (2023)

Your favorite content creators have partnered with the No. 78 Live Fast Motorsports Chevy for a sweet Cup Series experience. This Podcast Party Bus car will be racing on Sunday, May 14 at Darlington in the Goodyear 400. Yes, we are going Cup Series racing!

Now, you can pre-order a limited edition diecast which will prominently feature Out of the Groove, Black Flags Matter, Danny B Talks, The Iceberg, The Garage Guys and Scene Vault. This is a pre-order and we must sell at least 250 diecasts in order to commit to the order – so sign up early and spread the word!

Shipping details: Please note that due to Lionel production schedule, the diecast will not ship until late Fall-early Winter 2023


367 in stock

367 in stock

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