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BrakeHard Podcast | Talladega

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That guy you’ve seen on TikTok talking about cars going right and sometimes left.

The Brake Hard podcast is back and he gives NASCAR’s explanation on why they’re getting rid of so many scoring pylons. He also goes over how impactful it is for Michael Jordan to win at Talladega, and all the other racing drama happening around the world in INDYCAR and F1

  • NASCAR has been tearing down the scoring pylons and forcing fans to use their phones to keep track of things like the running order and lap count. This is not been well-liked across the NASCAR universe. The reason that this is happening has just been revealed. The company that makes the pylons does not exist anymore and they don’t have the parts to replace them. Why do you think NASCAR didn’t say this in the first place?
  • The Fox broadcast seems to be on everyone’s mind this week with Talladega being one of the more viewed races outside of Daytona, Fox had the opportunity to make a lot of money and it showed. What changes do you think Fox could make that would improve the commercials and make them more tolerable?
  • The Xfinity series racing on Superspeedways has been dominated by one team, Richard Childress Racing. This is finally leading to the two RCR teammates, Austin Hill, and Jesse Love, butting heads. We saw Jesse door slam Hill at the end of Stage One do you think this is building into a potential rivalry?

What are some potential replacements for the scoring pylon? Do you think fans will notice an improvement in broadcast quality when they switch to NBC? Do you think RCR treats Austin Hill better than Jesse Love? Let Brake Hard know all of your thoughts and questions in his comment section

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