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 Talladega Race Reaction

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That guy you’ve seen on TikTok talking about cars going right and sometimes left.

Brake Hard is here to break down Tyler, Reddick, and Michael Jordan‘s win at today’s Talladega race. He also explains his feelings behind the Fox broadcast today, the brutal loss for Michael McDowell, and solutions to NASCAR’s Superspeedway problem.

  • We finally have three wide racing back at Superspeedways but that’s because most drivers are only driving at 50% throttle. Is this a problem for NASCAR or does the strategy make it more exciting? 
  • Talladega is usually one of the most viewed races outside of Daytona, so it makes sense that Fox would sell a lot of ad space, but many people thought the commercials today were excessive. What was your opinion on the commercials?
  • It seems like the Gen Seven car has improved racing on the intermediate tracks, but it has failed to deliver on the short tracks and superspeedways. Is it time for NASCAR to adopt a different superspeedway package just like they did for the short tracks?

How did you feel about today’s race? Are you heartbroken for Michael McDowell do you think the Fords will improve over time? Let Break Hard know all your thoughts and questions in his comment section.

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