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And There’s A Fight! Crafton, Sanchez Brawl Post-Race at ‘Dega

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Picture of Cody Williams

Cody Williams

Cody Williams is the author of BUNNY BOY and THE FIFTH LINE. He lives near Bristol, TN.
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Tempers between the veteran and rookie boiled over following the Big One at 'Dega

What’s Happening?

The craziness that was the Love’s 250 at Talladega carried over post-race as driver of the No. 2 Chevy for Rev Racing, Playoff driver, Nick Sanchez, and Matt Crafton got into an intense fight following an incident coming to two laps to go, triggering the notorious Big One.

The incident occurred as the two drivers were fiercely battling for position near the back half of the top 10. Approaching the trioval, Crafton in his No. 88 Menards Ford drifted up the track, opening a small hole for Sanchez to in the nose of his No. 2 machine. Not knowing that the youngster was there, Crafton moved down and turned across the nose of the Rev Racing Chevrolet.

From there, chaos ensued and that insanity bubbled over after the race as the two became locked in an epic brawl for the ages, sending Sanchez to the infield care center with a bloodied face.

You Need To Know:

  • Following the on-track incident that, most race fans and industry insiders might just consider a natural by-product of superspeedway racing, especially coming down to the closing laps, a very angry Matt Crafton drove his No. 88 Ford into the pit stall of the No. 2 of Sanchez and parked it. He got out and made his way over to the infield care center where he was checked and subsequently released. He then changed into his street clothes and seemingly lurked behind the wall, waiting for Sanchez. Shortly thereafter, the fight broke out.
  • According to Sanchez, Matt Crafton came up to him, tapped him on the shoulder, and sucker-punched him from behind. After that, all hell broke loose. While the status of Crafton is not currently known, Sanchez’s face was glued up to close the gaping wounds.
  • At this time, it is not known whether or not NASCAR will act on this matter. What we do know is that the fight is currently under an internal investigation with a decision to be made later. While there is precedent for punishment based on past cases, we do not currently know what route NASCAR will choose to take with this specific incident. What we do know is that the fans will always voice their opinions in moments of controversy. In this instance, it would seem that most of them have come down squarely on the side of Sanchez, many of them calling for Crafton’s suspension.

Below, in a video provided by Frontstretch, you can see video footage of the tail-end of the fight:

Here, in footage provided by NASCAR on FOX, you can see the inciting incident:

And here, in a video provided by Movement on Twitter (or X), you can see a different angle of the brawl.

We, here at the Daily Downforce, will be sure to update you on any news regarding this fight going forward. NASCAR is expected to make a decision sometime this week, likely by Tuesday.

The Main Characters

The scene was very different immediately after the race. Our friends at Frontstretch Media and reporter WyattGametime caught up with Sanchez post-race while still on the grid. This was shortly before the alleged cheap shot from Crafton. Sanchez characterizes the on-track incident as a racing deal that happens with this kind of rules package.

Immediately following the on-track carnage, Crafton pulled his truck into the No. 2 pit stall and parked it. Post-race, he could not be reached for comment.

In this video, provided by journalist Noah Lewis, Nick Sanchez characterizes the shot by Crafton as a “sucker punch” and details what exactly started the brawl. Sanchez maintains that he held his line. When asked about what it meant for Homestead, his press manager ended the interview.

Around The Garage

ThorSport Racing here updates fans on the status of their drivers, Matt Crafton and Ty Majeski immediately following the Big One.

From The Officials

Journalist Michael Massie reports here in this tweet that NASCAR is gathering all the information they can and will make a decision on the incident later this week.

Jim Utter also states here that NASCAR is investigating the whole ordeal.

In The Stands

As a Family Guy fan myself, I approve of this meme. Way to go, Truexfan56!

He is crawling up there in age, isn’t he, Justin Champagne?

Nick Sanchez definitely came out looking like a champion after that altercation, which I’m sure was the opposite of Crafton’s desired outcome. Woooo!

Zach Vortex calls for NASCAR to suspend Crafton. They might, Zach, they just might.

Michael Flanigan (no, not the director…I think) tweeted this commentary. Yeah, I’m sure a lot of Matt Crafton fans (to the extent that he has any) are very disappointed in their driver’s behavior in the twilight of his NASCAR career.

Dustin McGrew calls Crafton out for causing his own wreck.

Sharon Crady is in the minority, claiming that Sanchez caused the wreck. Will Dorado clapped back, saying that Crafton wrecked himself.

Brian calls for Crafton to just hang up the gloves and retire. Will Dorado again agrees.

Jimmy Zajac chastises Crafton, as a veteran of the Truck Series garage, for not holding himself to a higher standard.

On Your Screen

Our friend over at Black Flags Matter on YouTube, Darian Gilliam, also calls for Crafton’s suspension.

One of my favorite YouTubers, Daniel Kriete feels the same.

From The Pressbox

Our friend, Dale Tanhardt, gives his commentary.

LT gets in on the Crafton dogpile, saying that the veteran should be ashamed of himself, calling the move “just plain stupid”.

Matthew Burroughs thinks that Matt Crafton’s career may be petering off, citing this as an indicator.

nascarman updates his NASCAR in King of Queens terms, using the harsh words Sanchez spat at Crafton after the brawl.

Journalist, Seth Eggert, tweets that there is precedent for the suspension of a driver after such behavior, though he doesn’t know what the consistently inconsistent NASCAR officials will do in this specific case.

Pit Pass Network hilariously tweets this real-life footage of Matt Crafton training for the next big fight. Tickets are on sale now! LET’S GET READY TO RUMMMMMBBBBLLLLEEE!

What do you think, Daily Downforce readers? Should Crafton be suspended after this incident? Was the wreck Sanchez’s fault or Crafton’s fault? Sound off and let us know! And, when you’re done, come back right here for all your latest news, stories, and discussion topics, not to mention YouTube content, on this wonderful world of NASCAR!

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Picture of Cody Williams

Cody Williams

Cody Williams is the author of BUNNY BOY and THE FIFTH LINE. He lives near Bristol, TN.
All Posts