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This is an iRacing special event created by Out of the Groove and A.E. Engine to raise money for Extra Life, a program of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.


The Legend of Groovy Hollow Raceway

What if I told you… the most dominant short-track racer of all-time, was

a ghost?

Decades ago, there was a mysterious racer that annihilated the local competition on a weekly basis. 

Known for his futuristic looking car and slick and stylish paint scheme, his competition dubbed his car the

Halloween Machine

because he always seemed to dominate the October race season.

"He's Just
Toooooo Groovy!"

his competitors would say, citing his bold and threatening color choices.

After an impressive string of dominant wins at one particularly remote speedway, the community began to refer to this particular track as Groovy Hollow Raceway. Over time, fewer and fewer racers dared to challenge the Halloween Machine at his home race track.

One pre-Halloween night, during a race at Groovy Hollow Raceway, a thunderstorm suddenly enveloped the speedway.

A flash of lightning!

A crack of thunder!

And suddenly, just as the Halloween Machine crossed the finish line, both the mysterious racer, his car and his favorite track…

disappeared without a trace!

Competitors and fans were literally left standing, unharmed, in the middle of nowhere. Search parties were formed, but how do you find a missing race track? The track and car were simply gone.

But a legend was born.

For several years, this mystery dominated newspaper headlines.

It also captivated the community — and it even spawned a near cult-like following that event included a Halloween Machine lunch box that was popular at the local elementary school.

As the years passed, racers across the region seemed to forget about Groovy Hollow Raceway and the force that had dominated there for years.

For decades, authorities, historians, and brave explorers scoured the surrounding forest for any sign of the mysterious track. Scattered reports and suspect findings began to emerge over the years. As time passed, and with the turn of a new century, the common belief was the location of the track and the Halloween Machine would never be found.

That is, until now The Legend Will Return

That is... until now

The Legend will return