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With No Limitations, How Would Fans Fix the Next-Gen Car?

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Article Contents

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What’s Happening?

On social media, we asked the fans for their opinions on how to improve the Next-Gen car. If fans were allowed to do whatever they wanted with money as no object, what would they do to the Next-Gen car?

  • The Next-Gen car was first introduced in 2022. The goal was to cut costs while also bringing the field closer together. However, the way NASCAR went about it brought some unintended consequences.
  • Fans gave their own opinions on how they would change the Next-Gen car. This included major adjustments to the car itself, and even changing to an entirely new car.
  • Fans were ecstatic to share their opinions. Their opinions on the Next-Gen car are vast, and they hope to see these changes implemented.


If there’s anything that everyone including drivers and fans can agree on about the Next-Gen car, it’s that they want an increase in horsepower. This is particularly true on short tracks, but, adding horsepower is the first thing that many fans think of when improving the Next-Gen car.

WV Sports Talk wants to see horsepower increased amongst other things. he particularly wants to see unique car types based on the track.

Slammin it points out that drivers are asking for more horsepower. Could that be the main fix the Next-Gen car needs?

Imagine a 2000-horsepower Cup Series car.

Switch With the Xfinity Series Cars

Many fans just want to see the cars completely changed. Many point to the NASCAR Xfinity Series due to the great racing product on all track types. However, some fans do want to see some minor modifications to the Xfinity Series cars.

Aedan McHugh sees one simply fix. Simply move the Xfinity Series cars to the Cup Series with no other changes.

Reckless wants to see the Xfinity Series car with increased horsepower.

Mike wants to see a complete change to the car, but, the Xfinity Series car is another good option for him.

Chris Rupe points out that the Xfinity Series and the Cup Series used to race essentially the same race car, but Cup had a more powerful engine.

R.Vrabel.Jr wants to see Xfinity Series cars brought to Cup, with a few alterations.

Bring Back Past-Gen Cars

This week, many people have shared clips on social media showcasing how close past-generation cars could get to each other. That combined with the nostalgia factor these cars have for some fans want to see the change. Even if it’s not going to happen.

Joe Johnson believes that going back to the Gen-4 car would be a big improvement.

Does this include the return of the X pipe sound on all superspeedways?

MF09 wants to bring back the original Car of Tomorrow…I don’t know if this is a joke or not.

Super wants to see the later-generation COT back on track.

Justin wanted to see an even more radical change, late models in the Cup Series.

Allow The Teams to Adjust the Car More

One of the sticking points with the Next-Gen car is how similar each car is to the other. NASCAR designed the cars this way to keep the field closer together. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is debatable amongst fans, and that’s why they hope to see the change.

RG I Yopajay gives his thoughts on the Next-Gen car, asking for crew chiefs to make more adjustments.

AD24 wants to see more horsepower alongside teams being able to change more parts.

Kellen is one of many who wants to see crew chiefs able to adjust, but, via a different method, with different tire compounds.

Bailey also wants to see teams have more input in building the cars.

Lynn Kincheloe wants to see single-supplier parts out of the sport after some other changes.

The Underbody

Arguably the biggest change to the Next-Gen car was the introduction of the underbody and rear diffuser to the Next-Gen car. It’s unlike anything a Cup Series car has ever seen, but, some wonder if that’s what holds the Next-Gen car back.

Cogito Ergo Sum believes combining an addition to horsepower with getting rid of the underbody would fix everything.

Masion Moriarty wants to see the diffuser gone, amongst other changes. It essentially seems he wants the Gen-6 from 2014 back.

Derks wants to see the splitter and rear diffuser gone, just for a start.

Kevin McAdams looks back at the 1990s, and he notes the additions to the Next-Gen car, such as the diffuser and step splitter are two major changes to make.

Logan Haga wants to see changes to the aero components alongside the tires, one of which is getting rid of all underbody panels.

What other ideas do you have to change the Next-Gen car? Let us know in the Tweet below.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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