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What Would Motorsports at the Olympics Look Like?

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RBR Daily reposted an update from saying that motorsports could be included in the 2028 Olympic Games held in Los Angeles, California. If it were to be included, it would absolutely be something to watch, but what would it look like?

Potential Events

First off, the Olympics should absolutely work to bring in some of the greatest race drivers from around the entire world to compete against each other. Other sports such as basketball and hockey have had their professional athletes go on to play in the Olympics. Soccer teams allow their players to play in events like the FIFA World Cup.

Even if it means interrupting the NASCAR season for a week or two, these world-class drivers should absolutely be in these events, but, how would they look? How could these events operate?

Multi-Race Tournament

One thing that drivers could do is race multiple times over the course of two weeks on either the same or different race tracks. Just like normal motorsports, the races would allow drivers to score points, and the top three in driver points get the overall medals for the motorsports events. However, individual medals will also be given out for each race so that there is a prize for each event.

Multiple Different Types of Races

Similar to how swimming or track & field works, there could also be multiple different types of races with no overall medal but individual ones for each race. There could be an endurance race, a sprint race, drag racing, a road course, and/or a short track. Whatever variety there can be to test the different sides of all types of driving should be considered if this becomes a reality.

Build Up to One Big Race

What the Olympics could also do is make their own major race, and spend the two weeks running sprint races and qualifying sessions to build up to a big race. Maybe a major 500 mile or 24-hour-long endurance race featuring all of the best driving talent from around the world.

Potential Venues

If there were to be motorsports at the Summer Olympics in 2024, there has to be a race track to host them at. Thankfully, Southern California has plenty of race tracks to host motorsports events at depending on what they are hoping to host.

Irwindale Speedway

Irwindale could be a good venue because of how many layouts it has. There is a 0.5 mile layout, a 1/3-mile layout, and even a 1/8 mile drag strip. If the Olympics wants to hold short-track-style events, this would be a flexible place to hold it if enough money is brought in for the infrastructure needed at the track for a big event like the Olympics.

Whatever Auto Club Speedway Becomes

The future of Auto Club Speedway is still very murky. The track has reportedly not begun to be demolished yet, so we are not exactly what will become of the track. If it somehow remains a 2.0 mile superspeedway, then maybe it could hold some superspeedway-style events with some road course events too. If it is a short track, the infrastructure would be there to hold an Olympic-level event.

Laguna Seca

Yes, this is a bit of a drive from Los Angeles, but it is an iconic motorsports venue. It is one of the best options for some potential road course racing in the Los Angeles Olympics. In order for motorsports to be in the Olympics every discipline should be highlighted.

Pomona Raceway

If the Olympic committee wants to hold drag racing at the Olympics, Pomona Raceway in Pomona, California is the perfect spot. The 1/4 mile drag strip hosts NHRA events every season, and it is the ideal place to host drag racing.

LA Coliseum

With NASCAR recently putting a short track above the surface of the LA Coliseum, why not do it again for the Olympics? Some may look at the LA Coliseum for other events like track and field and soccer, but, southern California has plenty of stadiums to host those events. If there is enough room for the other sports to be held in other places, why not hold racing at the Coliseum?

There are multiple ways that motorsports at the Olympics could go if it even happens. It is seven years away, so we have a lot of time to think about what motorsports at the Olympics could possibly look like.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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