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What is NASCAR Fan Rewards?

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What’s Happening?

As you log into the NASCAR app or, you might have noticed the “Fan Rewards” tab at the top of the page. Or when you look at the live leaderboard and see a “check-in” in regards to fan rewards. You might ask, “What are fan rewards?” Or “What rewards can I win?” Well, this article will cover what NASCAR Fan Rewards is. It is not only a great incentive to interact with the NASCAR App, but you can also earn opportunities exclusive to NASCAR Fan Rewards.

  • In 2023, NASCAR launched the NASCAR Fan Rewards program as part of its 75th anniversary season.
  • The free program, gives fans an opportunity to earn rewards by accumulating points through watching races, purchasing tickets, etc.
  • With prizes such as race tickets, VIP experiences, and more, it’s no wonder fans love NASCAR Fan Rewards.

How to Sign Up

Signing up for NASCAR Fan Rewards is as simple as earning the points themselves. First, fans must create a free NASCAR Fan Rewards account before they can begin earning points. Fans with a pre-existing account can opt into NASCAR Fan Rewards via the profile page. Fans must be 18 years or older to participate.

(Photo by David Oppenheimer/Getty Images for Mars Chocolate North America)

Once signed up, you’ll be placed in the “Rookie Tier” of Fan Rewards. There are three tiers: Rookie, All-Star, and Champion. All-Star status is achieved at 3,000 points, while Champion is obtained at 6,000 points.

How to Earn Points

One of the great things about NASCAR Fan Rewards is the multitude of ways fans can earn points. The first is to create an account. Fans receive 250 points once they’ve completed their Fan Rewards profile. Another way is to simply watch the races. On the live leaderboards on (or on the NASCAR app), fans can check in during any Craftsman Truck Series, Xfinity Series, or Cup Series races to earn 50 points per check-in. Another way to earn points is to attend a race. Fans attending a NASCAR race can check the NASCAR Track app to earn points.

(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

Fans who play NASCAR Fantasy Live will also earn 10 fantasy points. Fans who visit the Fan Rewards dashboard can participate in trivia to earn 10 points as well. Fans who purchase tickets and merchandise can also earn points towards their Fan Rewards account.

Fans who break into the All-Star Tier will earn a tier bonus of 10% to any points they earn. Members of the Champion Tier earn a 25% tier bonus.

Now, one thing to note for earners is that all points expire at the conclusion of the calendar year. This means that fans have one year to accumulate points and redeem them before they’re reset to zero at midnight on December 31st.

Fans can keep track of their points on the Fan Rewards dashboard. Fans can earn badges as well once they reach milestones while earning points.

Points Breakdown

  • Complete Profile: 250 points
  • Leaderboard Check-In: 50 points
  • Newsletter Subscription: 150 points
  • Track Check-In: 200 points (Cup), 150 points (Xfinity), 100 points (Trucks)
  • Buy Race Tickets: 100 points
  • NASCAR Fantasy Live: 100 points to join, 10 points to set weekly lineup
  • Fantasy 5x Streak: 50 points
  • Fantasy 10x Streak: 100 points
  • Purchase Merchandise: 50 points
  • Purchase Campsite: 150 points
  • Visit Hall of Fame: 50 points
  • Purchase Scanner Rental: 50 points
  • Premium Official League App: 50 points
  • NASCAR Foundation Donation: 50 points
  • All-Star Tier Bonus: 10%
  • Champion Tier Bonus: 25%

Source: Earn Points


Now you’ve accumulated all your points. What exactly can you do with them? Fans can redeem their points for tickets, merchandise, digital gift cards, sweepstakes, and VIP experiences.

For tickets, fans can redeem 5,000 points for two Cup Series tickets to the majority of the races on the schedule. Fans can redeem 3,000 points for two Xfinity Series tickets (4,000 points for the Xfinity championship race at Phoenix Raceway) and 2,500 points for two Truck Series tickets (3,500 for the Truck championship race at Phoenix).

(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images for The My GM Rewards Card Appreciation Experience)

Fans can redeem their points for a catalog of merchandise. The cost of points ranges from 300 for a NASCAR can sleeve to 17,000 for a portable battery-powered wood pellet grill. Fan Rewards points can also be redeemed for sweepstakes for a small cost of 50 points.

The list of merchandise fans can earn can be found here: Merchandise

Now it’s time for the cream of the crop: the VIP experience. While on the pricier side, they include experiences exclusive to the NASCAR Fan Rewards program. For 9,000 points, fans wave the green flag during qualifying, ride the pace car, get a garage tour, and take a photo in victory lane.

(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

Fans cannot return or exchange rewards once redeemed. They cannot be reimbursed or replaced either.

Source: NASCAR Fan Rewards


There you have it! Now you know about NASCAR Fan Rewards and the many opportunities it provides to reward fans supporting the sport they love. Will you be registering for NASCAR Fan Rewards or are you already a member? Let us know on Discord or X, and don’t forget you can also follow us on InstagramFacebook, and even YouTube.

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