As we head through the 2023-24 NASCAR offseason, we at the Daily Downforce will take a look at which drivers have something to prove heading into 2024. Daniel Suarez is the first subject, so, what does Daniel Suarez have to prove in 2024?

Can He Separate Himself from Zane Smith and SVG At Trackhouse

For the first time since Suarez joined Trackhouse Racing, he has to look over his shoulder. Zane Smith was signed by Trackhouse, but he is out on loan to Spire Motorsports while Trackhouse tries to put together a third car for 2024. On top of that, SVG is joining the fray at Trackhouse on a development deal with his goal being to join the Cup Series full-time in 2025.

Daniel Suarez signed a multi-year extension right before the 2023 Daytona 500, so, he is likely under contract with Trackhouse through at least 2025. However, Trackhouse has big plans, and making the expansion to four cars heading into 2025 is a massive undertaking just from attempting to purchase charters alone. Could some difficult decisions be on the horizon for Daniel Suarez and Trackhouse? Eric Estepp certainly thinks so.

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Now a lot of that is down to how SVG and Zane Smith perform in their respective 2024 seasons. It is entirely plausible that 2024 may not be the year that Suarez is on the hot seat. However, his performance in 2023, including going winless while missing the Playoffs, could put the microscope on him for his future with the team.

Can He Consistently Get Results in Top Equipment

While his future at Trackhosue depends largely on how the drivers behind him perform, that does not leave Suarez without anything to prove heading into 2024. After winning his first career race and finishing a career-best 10th in the points standings in 2022, Suarez regressed in 2023.

He regressed in virtually every major statistical category this year, with his best finish coming at Indianapolis where a hose issue on pit road knocked Suarez out of winning contention to finish third. He had some good moments, but he also had some missed opportunities.

At Nashville, Suarez crashed during qualifying, which caused him to go to a backup car. Meanwhile, his teammate, Ross Chastain, won the race. While Trackhouse did not have quite as much speed as they did last year, Suarez was easily outrun by his teammate Ross Chastain.

This has been a pattern throughout Suarez’s career. He has been unable to get consistently good results with good equipment. He needs to prove that he can do that in 2024.

He needs to cut down on the mistakes like at Nashville when he crashed during qualifying. He also needs to simply run up front more consistently like his teammate has generally been able to do, including two wins for Chastain.

Will Suarez find a way to prove he can get it done at Trackhouse in 2024? If he does not, then will his seat be in jeopardy sometime in the not-so-distant future?

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