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NASCAR Scoring Pylons Are Becoming An Endangered Species After Latest Teardown

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That guy you’ve seen on TikTok talking about cars going right and sometimes left.

When fans showed up at Texas Motor Speedway last week, something was noticeably missing: the infield scoring pylon. Now, as the NASCAR teams and fans head into Talladega Superspeedway, it has become apparent that they have also torn down their scoring pylon. To keep count, that’s 1 SMI track and 1 ISC track. With pylons gone from both Watkins Glen and Bristol Motor Speedway, it appears that track owners are unwilling to reinvest in their facilities. Brake Hard argues that this is actions detrimental to the at-track fan experience.

  • Brake Hard points out first that the scoring pylons are essential for the at-track fan experience and for the drivers as well. He says that at a quick glance, fans and drivers alike can look over and see the running order and lap count. Both William Byron and Denny Hamlin have voiced their displeasure with the removal of this tradition.
  • NASCAR insists that fans can find out the running order through the crawling scroll atop the big video boards or by downloading the NASCAR app. Brake Hard argues that the pylon, as now used on television in lieu of the scroller, makes it easier for fans to see where drivers are running at a quick glance. He also points out that save for Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Daytona International Speedway, track WiFi service is pretty abysmal.
  • As other sports arenas like in the NFL and MLB seem to be investing more to make the at-venue fan experience the best it can be, NASCAR seems to be regressing. Brake Hard points out that Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the best scoring pylon in the sport and that is what NASCAR and its venues should be striving towards.

What are your thoughts on NASCAR getting rid of scoring pylons at racetracks? Do you agree with Brake Hard’s takes? Let him know your thoughts in the comment section of this video. Subscribe and hit the bell for all of Brake Hard’s latest uploads and commentaries

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