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Social Media Reacts to Legacy Motor Club Switching Manufacturers

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Social Media is whipped into a frenzy after Legacy Motor Club announces a surprise switch from Chevy to Toyota

What’s Happening?

Change has been a constant at Legacy Motor Club over the last few years, and today, another big change came. Toyota will be the manufacturer for the team next year replacing Chevrolet.

  • Toyota is currently the manufacturer with the least amount of full-time teams in NASCAR, only servicing the four Joe Gibbs Racing cars and the two 23XI cars. This move will take them up to eight full-time teams.
  • The change comes amongst a host of changes for the former Richard Petty Motorsports or Petty/GMS. Jimmie Johnson came in during the offseason to take an ownership stake in the team alongside Maurice Gallagher, kicking off another rebrand for the company.
  • Fans on social media are surprised at the move, but there is a general excitement on social media about the move as well.

The Main Characters

Legacy Motor Club made the official announcement on Twitter on Tuesday.

Bob Pockrass gets the statement from TRD’s David Wilson

Around the Garage

Kaz Grala on today’s shocking announcement

From the Officials

NASCAR officially releases the news of Legacy Motor Club changing manufacturers.

In the Stands

Richard Devine comments on Jimmie Johnson owning a Toyota team

Aaron H. with some interesting insight into where Legacy Motor Club stood amongst Chevy teams.

Christopher Hansen is also surprised about Jimmie Johnson being affiliated with Toyota.

A very good question Nathan.

Only six full-time Toyotas are on the grid this year.

Toyota is definitely here to stay.

Math is hard, but that looks like a lot of manufacturers.

And a new team Toyota got

What matters most to Jon Palmieri is the performance on track.

*Rick Allen voice intensifies* TRUCK SERIES IMPLICATIONS

Nascar Nolan talks about how Toyota pursues drivers they developed

You and me both LAW 9960

There is still plenty out there: Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren, Honda, Aston Martin, Cadillac, BMW, Lexus, and so on.

Okay when was this a thing?

On Your Screen

Eric Estepp shares his two cents.

HUGE indeed David.

Yeah, not something we expected to ever see.

Richard Petty’s 43 on a Toyota body is indeed not expected.

DannyBTalkes notes that Toyota now takes back two of their biggest prospects in Erik Jones and Nah Gragson.

S1apSh0es chimes in.

From the Pressbox

Davey Segal from Sirius XM NASCAR Radio on the announcement.

Kelly Crandall points out how the move brings Jones back to Toyota.

Jenna Fryer clears any speculation about Garage 56.

Could it be?

Danielle Trotta on why Jimmie Johnson made this move.

A huge news story that changes the course of the future of one of NASCAR’s most iconic teams. Where do they go from here?

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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