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Readers Give Their Thoughts on the Indy Oval Debate

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Yesterday, we posed the question to fans about whether or not NASCAR should stay at or leave the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval. The fans, like always, responded with some of their takes on the issue. Let’s take a look at what you have to say about what you love – or hate – about the Brickyard.

The opinions tend to vary amongst fans. Those who want to see the oval return mainly point to the prestige of the venue. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval is arguably the most famous race track in the world.

The Brickyard 400 was the second-biggest race in NASCAR at one point. Even if the attendance did fall and the racing was not great, it still means a lot to NASCAR drivers and the fans. NASCAR would be only the second racing series to race on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval aside from, obviously, IndyCar.

Many like the idea of NASCAR driving on the oval. Others feel like NASCAR should have never left the oval in the first place, regardless of how the racing or attendance was.

Others point to the oval being unique, and the driver skill required to race on it. Sure, it’s not the same type of racing as is normally seen at other race tracks, but it still has a place in NASCAR.

Others feel that the road course should stay, and that mainly seems to be down to the racing product. As chaotic as the last two races at the Indianapolis Road Course have been, those races have been entertaining. Many people point to that, and even the value of the IndyCar/NASCAR doubleheader, as to why the Indy Road Course should remain on the schedule.

Some even pointed out going to Indianapolis Raceway Park instead. This race track hosts the Craftsman Truck Series the Friday night before the weekend at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Team Oval

JMP1299 points to the prestige of the oval as a reason to retun.

Through the Esses likes how driver skill is tested at the oval race track. It provides a unique challenge unlike any other seen in NASCAR.

Jeremy again likes the skill test that the Indianapolis Oval brings to the NASCAR Cup Series. It brings a test of speed, race craft, and attrition, which is unlike other race tracks on the schedule.

Paul Humphrey points to NASCAR and Goodyear for the reasons that the racing was not so great on the oval. Because of that, he wants the oval back.

Cody Icenhour wants to go back to the oval in spite of it not being his favorite race track.

Alexander says that going to the road course is almost worse than not going to Indianapolis entirely.

Team Road Course

Patrick Deitrick does not hate the oval, but he prefers the racing on the road course.

David Lauback has attended races at Indianapolis, and he likes the doubleheader more than racing on the oval. He does not want to lose the IndyCar/NASCAR doubleheader.

Andy Taylor simply said that Indianapolis is not a great race track for NASCAR.

Indianapolis Raceway Park

Steve says that if NASCAR fixes the short track product, IRP should be the track that NASCAR should go to.

@TerryC_6 does not hate the Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval, but he likes the short track better.

Chase Prevatte says that if IndyCar does not go to Daytona, then why should NASCAR go to Indianapolis? Therefore, NASCAR should go to IRP instead to stay in the market.

Fans have different opinions surrounding this, but there is no doubt that there is intrigue to return to the Oval. If NASCAR indeed does return to the oval, how will the racing be?

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Joshua Lipowski

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