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Next Gen Creators Podcast

Next Gen Creators: NFJJ on Developing Both as a YouTuber and as a Person

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The next episode of Next Gen Creators features NFJJ. NFJJ has been on YouTube for many years, and he originally started with crash compilations. Now, he does more video essay style videos including his series on “NASCAR Wreckfests” and his recent four-part “NASCAR Iceberg” series.

  • NFJJ gives a very honest assessment of how he has had to mature as a person, and how that helped to develop his YouTube channel.
  • While he is currently in college, NFJJ discusses what his potential YouTube future is, and whether or not he wants to jump into it full-time in the future.
  • How did COVID-19 bring about the change in content that NFJJ had during his YouTube career?

NFJJ has used all of the lessons he has learned to become the YouTuber he is today. As for what the future holds for him, that is still uncertain. However, the lessons he has learned are big, and they will undoubtedly continue to help him as time goes on.

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