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NASCAR Tracks Get $5.525 BILLION, Let’s Breakdown the TV Revenue Split

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Revenue sharing is a hot topic in NASCAR this week, and Brakehard is here to give some insight into how much money everyone within the NASCAR ecosystem gets. How could this impact charter negotiations?

  • The current sticking point with the charter negotiations is the TV deal revenue breakdown. Brakehard gives how the current TV deal breaks down the revenue.
  • SMI gets well over $2 billion over the life of a TV deal before you factor in ticket revenue. The issue is whether or not SMI is investing that money in the proper channels.
  • Every chartered entry gets an average of $5.9 million per year from NASCAR. NASCAR, on the other hand, gets 10% of the revenue, or about $850 million PLUS the track revenue from ISC race tracks.
  • Based on the split, Brakehard believes the tracks will have to concede some of the money from the new TV deal. How much is the uncertain part?

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