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NASCAR Manager Releases New Update 1: Full Patch Notes

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What’s Happening?

Hutch Games announced on Friday the most recent update to their NASCAR Manager mobile game. Highlights of the update include the addition of the Daytona Road Course and Watkins Glen and the new Ford Mustang Dark Horse. The release also stated that improvements were also made to bugs in the game, the garage and store, the pit exit, the pace car, and overtaking and drafting.

  • Hutch Games released NASCAR Manager in early 2024 for mobile devices on Google Play on the App Store. The game functions similarly to the F1 Manager game released by the same company.
  • The various bug fixes in the game include increasing the effectiveness of boosts, camera transitions, matchmaking improvements, and multiple other things.
  • Fans are excited for this update. NASCAR Manager has been a nice addition to mobile devices for NASCAR gamers, and this update is set to improve the game.

You can play NASCAR Manager for FREE on Android and iOS.

Patch Notes

These are the patch notes seen on the patch release on


  • New Road Course: Daytona Road Course
  • New Road Course: Watkins Glen International
  • New car: Ford Mustang Dark Horse
  • New Garage and Store refresh
  • Pit exit improvements
  • Overtaking and drafting improvements
  • Pace car fixes and improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Changes to the effectiveness of boosts to make them more impactful.
  • The game now provides information to players as to when the current NASCAR Pass will expire.
  • Improvements to the UI for the Player League table/results screens.
  • Improvements to the camera transition from the cinematic camera view to the player camera view at the start of races.
  • Matchmaking failures will no longer result in the Player being locked out of matchmaking for 30 seconds due to a “concurrent races” error.
  • Asset drop rate buttons will now be available for Series crates.
  • Club Rep percentage increase will no longer read as “Team Principal”.
  • Tabs will now be correctly highlighted on the in-race leaderboard to accurately indicate which page it is on.
  • Improvements to camera transitions during race starts at Michigan.
  • Fix for an issue where Players were unable to overtake lapped cars.
  • Additional minor fixes for a variety of UI & visual issues. 

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