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Martinsville Groovy Gauge Presented by Lectric eBikes

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The Next-Gen car struggled once again at Martinsville Speedway, but, was the race really as bad as it seemed? Eric Estepp is the judge of that in this week’s Groovy Gauge Segment presented by Lectric eBikes.

Groovy Gauge Score: 45%

  • Eric believes that the final restart helped the finish, but, the race was not shaping up to be exciting before that. However, the best car ended up winning.
  • Eric also noted that there were a lot of track changes. These resulted in some changes throughout the field as the race went on.
  • However, that doesn’t mean the race was great. Is the race bad by Martinsville standards, or was it just bad in general?

Was the race at Martinsville really as bad as some people claim? Let Eric know in the comments, and be sure to subscribe for the latest NASCAR news and updates.

Daytona 50085%Watch HERE
Atlanta 100%Watch HERE
Las Vegas 70%Watch HERE
Phoenix 45%Watch HERE
Bristol100% Watch HERE
Richmond 25%Watch HERE

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