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Atlanta Groovy Gauge Presented by Lectric eBikes

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A classic race at Atlanta means that the Groovy Gauge will be put to good use! Here is Eric Estepp’s final verdict on the Ambetter Health 400 at Atlanta on the Groovy Gauge presented by Lectric eBikes.

Groovy Gauge Score: 100%

  • Eric was mulling whether or not to give this race a 100%. This is a high honor that Eric did not take lightly.
  • The 3-wide finish went a long way to making the race so good. The great weather was also a nice change of pace.
  • If there was any complaint, the lap one crash was a bit ugly, and the race may have been a bit lengthy. However, that did not take away from how great the race truly was.

Thank you once again for Lectric eBikes for sponsoring the Groovy Gauge! We will keep track of the Groovy Gauge all season long to see which races Eric feels were the best and the worst of the 2024 season. Tune in next week as Eric reviews the Las Vegas race.

Overall Scores

  • Daytona 500: 85% (Watch HERE)
  • Atlanta: 100%

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