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Phoenix Groovy Gauge Presented by Lectric eBikes

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The singular tall, bearded man jury has emerged, and it is time for the verdict on the Cup Series race at Phoenix. Eric Estepp was none too pleased with some of what he saw on Sunday. What did it mean for his Groovy Gauge ranking presented by Lectric eBikes?

Groovy Gauge Score: 45%

  • Eric called this the “Least entertaining race of the season” to this point. This necessitated a rare <50% score, but it was not necessarily because of the rules package.
  • What ultimately kept this race down was how it finished. While there was some action throughout the day, there was not much at the end of the race.
  • This opens up an interesting conversation about Phoenix being the Championship venue. Eric believes Phoenix is “A” worthwhile venue, but should it be “THE” only Championship track?

Thanks once again to Lectric eBikes, who will continue to sponsor the Groovy Gauge throughout the season. Tune in next week to see where Eric will put the Bristol race on the Groovy Gauge.

Overall Scores

  • Daytona 500: 85% (Watch HERE)
  • Atlanta: 100% (Linked HERE)
  • Las Vegas: 70% (Linked HERE)
  • Phoenix: 45%
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