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Bristol Groovy Gauge Presented by Lectric eBikes

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Bristol produced one of the season’s most entertaining yet controversial races so far. This makes it a tough yet intriguing one to rate on the Groovy Gauge presented by Lectric eBikes, and Eric Estepp did just that in his most recent episode of Out of the Groove.

Groovy Gauge Score: 100%

  • While races like Atlanta were the perfect “New School” NASCAR race, Eric feels that Bristol was the perfect “Old School” NASCAR race.
  • Bristol featured crazy tire wear, comers and goers, and a close finish. It was unlike many newer NASCAR races where things like crazy restarts and late cautions define the race.
  • Despite Eric’s perfect score, he admits that not everyone loved today’s race. Even if Eric does not agree with that crowd.

Thanks once again to Lectric eBikes, who will continue to sponsor the Groovy Gauge throughout the season. Tune in next week to see where Eric will put the Bristol race on the Groovy Gauge.

Overall Scores

RaceGroovy Gauge ScoreSource
Daytona 50085%Watch HERE
Atlanta100%Watch HERE
Las Vegas70%Watch HERE
Phoenix45%Watch HERE

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