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Is NASCAR Overhyping Chase Elliott’s Return? Fans on Social Media Sound Off

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Chase Elliott has returned. NASCAR’s most popular since 2018 was sidelined for 6 weeks after a snowboarding accident in Colorado the Friday before the Las Vegas race weekend. Josh Berry filled in for 5 of those 6 races, with IMSA champion Jordan Taylor filling in at COTA.

NASCAR has heavily promoted his return, and fans took to social media to debate whether NASCAR is laying it on too thick.

PakistanCraig posted on Reddit posing the question to fans.

Ian responded saying that this advertising isn’t for the dedicated NASCAR fan, but to generate hype to bring new fans in.

DaJack doesn’t see a problem with it, comparing this to every other professional sports league.

Chris says it may be overkill, but they understand it.

Xelanalpak says that Chase’s return isn’t the only thing they will be overpromoting this weekend.

It is important to note that NASCAR ratings have continued to drop compared to last year. Fans have been quick to call this drop in ratings the “Elliott Effect.” While there is no definitive proof to back this claim up, it hasn’t stopped fans from talking about it.

While fans understand the overpromotion of Chase Elliott’s return, it didn’t stop them from having fun with the constant talk about it.

Darian Gilliam, host of Black Flags Matter, with your reminder that Chase Elliott is back.

What do you think? Is it overkill, or just a little annoying? Chase Elliott is by far NASCAR’s most popular driver, and whether his absence has caused a dip in the ratings or not, we can all agree that having Chase back is great for the competition.

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Matt Smith

Matt Smith

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