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Is Kyle Larson Overrated? Fans React.

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Kyle Larson is a driver with immensely high expectations because of how highly touted that he is. Yesterday, we posed the question if Kyle Larson is overrated to the Daily Downforce readers. Fans gave their own opinions on the Hendrick Motorsports driver.

When looking at the questions, many fans looked at the fact that Larson leads the series in top-5s. Others wondered if the standards for Kyle Larson are a bit too high. Some felt that his success on dirt either contributed to or detracted from his prowess in NASCAR.

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Fans went into some pretty in-depth takes regarding this topic. Other elected to say just a few words.

Kyle Larson is not overrated

Zachary Meredith says that Kyle Larson wins purely based on driver skill.

Nathan points out Kyle Larson having the most top-5s in the Cup Series.

Ethan Nielson says that Larson has been in-contention in virtually every race.

frankieLG88 says that the Next-gen car has hurt Larson’s performance.

Randy Ridgway says that there is no way Larson is overrated based on his last couple of seasons.

Lira says that Larson is not overrated. He just has bad luck.

Jake Heller says that there is an overrated driver at Hendrick Motorsports, but not Kyle Larson.

Kyle Larson is Overrated

RaceDay Roar says that his talent is not necessarily overrated, but he might be when taking into account everything.

Billy Kingsley believes that Larson has been overrated his entire career. In fairness, Larson is a Cup Champion.

c11c18 says 100% overrated.

Darrel Andes Jr. says that Larson’s dirt success makes him overrated.

Christopher Schimmel says Larson is great, but not THAT great.

KLRaceFan, says that holding him to the “Greatest in the world” standard is a bit too high.

On the Fence

Mick Rose points out Larson’s prowess on dirt tracks. An undeniable fact that Larson is one of the best dirt track racers in the world.

Nature Boy wonders if Larson being so highly touted comes from how much racing he does, or how goos he is in NASCAR.

tommcarthy.eth says that Larson’s heart is in dirt. Larson did once say he would rather win the Chili Bowl than the Daytona 500, but he is also a Cup Series Champion. He obviously takes Cup very seriously.

AJ says that expectations became unreasonable after 2021.

Nathan has his list of the top three drivers in the sport.

Kyle Larson is one of the top drivers in the sport. However, some fans feel that Larson is overrated in some regard, while other fans feel that Larson is properly rated. Larson’s career is still being written, so, opinions may change in some regard.

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Joshua Lipowski

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