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Is Auto Club Speedway Getting Bulldozed?

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What’s Happening?

Auto Club Speedway is currently in limbo, as most of the track was torn down, and warehouses are beginning to rise in its place. One social media post from Ryan Ostranderviral showcased a warehouse built dangerously close to the remaining track. Is the rest of Auto Club Speedway being bulldozed along with it?

  • Auto Club Speedway hosted its most recent NASCAR Cup Series race in 2023. Soon after, NASCAR sold land around the track. However, NASCAR kept some of the land to build a short track at the venue, a plan announced in 2020.
  • The venue’s future has been questioned due to the lack of building an actual short track. Jordan Bianchi later reported that NASCAR is expected to not race in Southern California in 2025, the first time NASCAR would not race in the region since 1996.
  • Fans are concerned about Auto Club Speedway’s future and want to see racing in the area. However, no one is sure how it will happen.

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What’s Going on At the Track?

Looking at Osatrander’s photo, I see a warehouse is being built just off the front stretch where turns one and two used to be. It appears to be dangerously close to the race track that’s left, where NASCAR planned to build a short track. However, NASCAR Nerd points out that a warehouse of that same shape was planned to be built in that area just off of turns 1 and 2

The track as a whole is not getting bulldozed. This building is going up exactly where it was planned to go, and NASCAR still owns the land on which the rest of the track currently sits.

It’s also worth noting Steve Phelps’s most recent comments on the venue. As recently as the pre-race of the 2024 Daytona 500, he mentioned they kept where Auto Club Speedway stood to build a race track. He said so to Chris Myers of Fox Sports in the video below.

We also know it will be a short track, as Steve Phelps said on Sirius XM NASCAR Radio last December. However, he mentioned that this might not be the best time to build one for both business and on-track product reasons.

This isn’t the best time to be building based on inflation, the cost of capital, et cetera. But our intention is to continue to be in the southern California market…as we continue to improve on our short track package with this Next-Gen car, at some point that track will come on-line.

Steve Phelps

However, nothing has been done to build a short track where the 2.0 mile Auto Club Speedway once stood. The timeline is a mystery, but, NASCAR is committed to having a race in Southern California again at some point.

No, Auto Club Speedway isn’t getting bulldozed. However, no action from NASCAR is imminent at the track either.

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