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Good Track, Bad Car? Fans and Drivers Debate the Next-Gen Short Track Product

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As an event, the All Star Race was loved by seemingly all NASCAR fans. The race itself however left a lot to be desired. With only three lead changes and a margin of victory of 4.5 seconds, fans and drivers wondered what could be done about the next-gen short track product.

Races at short tracks have been generally lackluster throughout the last couple of years. Many fans and drivers have theories, but no one really knows how or if it can be fixed.

Around the Garage

Chase Briscoe believes it was more about the track than the car that made the race what it was.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. loved the event, but agreed that the next-gen car needed some changes.

Landon Huffman loved the track, but he disliked the racing product.

In the Stands

jdub1418 expressed that track specific packages are necessary for the short tracks to have a more compelling product.

The COT did change quite a bit from year one until the end of its’ cycle.

JDMcDuffie has three basic things NASCAR can change to make short tracks better.

shttrsful says that changing the tires and engine power are the two easiest solutions.

MrBadBadly is concerned about what the economic cost of this could be.

Probably not feasible.

RolandsPube notes that other races on other tracks are significantly better with the next-gen car.

Jim Plyler did not hate the on-track product.

On Your Screen

Eric Estepp liked to see a great driver deservingly win, but he also agreed that the next-gen car needs an improved product on short tracks.

Danny B felt that gen-6 cars on the track would be a better show.

Darian Gilliam says that the on-track product was on-par with the typical short track product this season.

The answer for the short track package for the next-gen car is not a clear one. The bottom line is that short tracks are NASCAR’s bread and butter, and if that product is not great, then is NASCAR really NASCAR?

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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