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The Iceberg on The Daily Downforce

The 2014 NASCAR Rookie Class

The Iceberg

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2014 was a year in NASCAR‘s when the future met NASCAR‘s past and they had iconic battles on track like Larson versus Gordon at Kansas. Since we are 10 years removed from that rookie class. The Iceberg is here to take a look at how it all panned out. 

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  • Out of all these rookies, we’ve seen some that have limited starts, but then they move their career into media or maybe they’re still grinding. Which one of these 2014 rookies do you think has the best shot of being in the Cup Series soon?
  • Out of the 2014 rookie class, we’ve seen champions and Daytona 500 winners already but in the end of it, who do you think will have the best career?
  • Unfortunately, not everyone can be a champion or Daytona 500 winner. Some drivers out of this rookie class are nowhere to be found today. Which one of these drivers do you think has had the worst career?

What’s your favorite rookie class? Do you think we’ll ever have another rookie class like this again? Let The Iceberg know all of your thoughts and questions in the common section.

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