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Fans React to NASCAR Bringing Back Stage Breaks on Road Courses

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NASCAR made the controversial decision to bring back stage breaks on road courses. Fans on social media gave their honest reactions to the news, and some were very unhappy about it.

Fans’ frustration with the move varied by fan. Some people are just not a fan of stage breaks in general. They believe that stage breaks unnecessarily manipulate the race to create more action with restarts and “manufactured entertainment”.

Some fans are upset with the timing of the move. Instead of letting this play out through the rest of the Playoffs, NASCAR decided to make a major change to how the race is run, which many people complain is inconsistent.

Some people, as small of a minority as it is, were perfectly okay with stage breaks returning to road courses. They liked the excitement that restarts, and some even discussed the Next-Gen car as a reason for bringing stage breaks back. The Next-Gen car does not race well on road courses, so they felt that bringing back stage breaks help mitigate that issue.

However, those who do not like the idea feel that stage breaks only put a band-aid on the real issue, the Next-Gen car on road courses. Regardless of the reasoning or the side people were on, this issue struck a nerve with many in the fan base.

No to Road Course Stage Breaks

Levi antieau wonders why NASCAR is changing the rules in the middle of the most important part of the season.

Joseph Rutkowski says that it is all down to the race car.

Christopher Marcotte is not happy about the move.

Alex Haas with an interesting reference.

ted Beddington calls this a terrible idea because of race interference/manipulation.

Going in Circles is unhappy with this change and the strategy element that it takes away.

Mattias is okay with stage breaks, just not at road courses.

Psychlops924 hates stage racing period.

Quite the carcasm from Zach Sullivan.

Jax speaks for many fans when he says “Fix the Car”.

RA very clearly lets his opinion be known.

Yes to Road Course Stage Breaks

DJJ is relieved to see stage breaks return on road courses because restarts are the best part of the Roval according to him.

Kaleb L gives a begrudging yes to stage breaks on road courses for now, but his ideal scenario is fewer road course races and no stage breaks at all.

Cody Llamas says it is down to the race car.

Richard French is one of the few who is all for bringing back stage breaks.

This undoubtedly struck a nerve with the fanbase. The Roval race will now be looked at with much closer speculation than in previous years.

Let us know what you think

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