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Fans Give Their Hot Takes on How NASCAR Can Change the Playoff Format

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NASCAR’s Playoff format has been the subject of much criticism in its nearly 20 year existence. We at the Daily Downforce put together some potential changes yesterday, but the fans added some of their own ideas.

From getting rid of the Playoffs entirely to revamping the entire system to not changing a thing, fans had plenty of opinions on what to do with NASCAR’s Playoff format. What did they have to say?

Get Rid of It

Some fans just do not like the Playoff format, period. They want NASCAR to get rid of the entire format. They seemingly want NASCAR to return to the season-long format that was used for most of NASCAR’s existence.

Some did not go into depth about which points format they would use in place, but some did. Some even gave their opinions on how to redo the NASCAR points system to keep certain things important.

SB-130 says that this is what NASCAR needs to do as the stock of NASCAR rises.

Mike Champagne just wants it gone.

Through the Esses says that Playoffs just do not belong in motorsports.

tyler says that NASCAR should get rid of it, but awarding significantly more points to the winner can help keep winning important.

USNavyVet 86 gives a revamped points system for NASCAR in order to get rid of the Playoffs.

Toby notes that the old format did not emphasize winning enough, so if the Playoffs are gone, NASCAR needs to emphasize winning.

Revamp the System

Some people offered some different ways to change the Playoff system. From shrinking the field to new venues to extra races in the Championship round. Some who want the format gone even made the changes because they don’t expect NASCAR to get rid of the format.

It is incredibly unlikely that NASCAR will completely get rid of the Playoffs, so, some just want to see the format changed a bit. Some genuinely like the Playoffs, but just feel that there need to be a few fixes.

@russellenvy wants to make big changes to every Playoff race. Talk about a radical change.

Kenny wants to see one of two changes made to the Playoffs. Either make the final four more than one race or go back to the original chase formats.

If NASCAR will not get rid of the Playoffs, Kyle Funderburk has two major changes he would like to see.

Brandon Hitchcock wants to see the Playoffs expanded to 12 races for longer elimination rounds.

Alex Holmes wants to see bonus points return, similar to the ones NASCAR used to have.

Mav wants to see changes made, but he wants to see the field still remain at 16 drivers with some major changes.

Leave it Alone

Some people like the Playoffs exactly as it is. They do not want to see any changes because they like the competition and the moments that it creates. If it is not broken, then why should NASCAR fix it?

Pete Pistone goes through a full checklist of why he feels the Playoffs have done exactly what he wants it to do.

Bryan Dunaway likes the Playoffs exactly as it is. Maybe a change to the schedule would be enough for him.

Matt Weaver seconds Pete Pistone’s opinion.

Jag ReDDoG says that it’s not 1995 anymore, and NASCAR’s Playoffs system is just fine as it is.

One thing is for sure about this, and it’s that not everyone totally agrees on this. Some have different opinions than others, and that is ultimately okay. A system will not please everyone, and neither will this current Playoff format. That’s what makes it so interesting to talk about among fans.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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